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  • Andrew Andrew Sep 18, 2012 18:52 Flag

    Bates continues to bait Leeds fans

    From Bates’ programme notes tonight:

    "Despite the confidentiality agreement, stories keep appearing with varying degrees of accuracy as evidenced by the statements put out by LUST (Leeds United Supporters Trust). That included a TV interview that said a deal was 'imminent'. It wasn't then and is progressing slowly now. In football everybody expects everything now - but the real world is different."
    "The current situation is that as I write, the appropriate documents have not been finalised between the lawyers."

    The World According To Bates, otherwise known as planet T.W.A.T.

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    • This guy is getting more and more beyond belief.
      Last nights performance showed exactly how we will fare this season, and maybe he is holding off so that any new owners will start their life in Division 1.
      This is the only takeover bid 'That is progressing slowly' in the history of the game. Never in the annals of the football league has one taken so long. We are only too well aware of this lunatics dealings and although they have been well covered up till now, maybe the moment of truth is about to happen. I am sorry to continue posting like this, but quite frankly he really is killing off our club, and I feel very deeply about it.
      Colin will go soon if the situation is not resolved and that will be a tragedy, and I also believe he will also go if Bates stays, because let's face it he has been betrayed.
      Then what will we be left with?