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  • BRYAN BRYAN Oct 1, 2012 10:30 Flag

    What is Bates up to now?

    A report from the Daily Mail

    says that there are now possible bids from American and Saudi sources.
    Just when it looked like a deal to remove Bates was imminent the waters have become as muddy as the recent floods.
    Will this man never give up on the frustration he is causing supporters?
    When the team is performing so positively on a shoestring, surely now is the time to reach a swift conclusion on the takeover to leave the players to concentrate on achieving their best, and not the time to create more confusion, or enter into further protracted negotiations.
    He most definitely is aiming to ruin all chances for us this season in any way he can, but he will never break us no matter what he believes.

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    • He could be holding out for that one extra piece of silver Bryan, and if that means holding things up for another few weeks then stuff the morons!
      But having read some of the press over the weekend there are a few questions about where GFH are getting the money from to finance the deal, because they are hardly flush with cash looking at their accounts. If they have to borrow vast sums to finance the takeover then whos to say we dont end up with another Gillet & Hicks fiasco over at Liverpool. They could be just brokering the deal and the money is coming from an unknown investor, but if we get to the EPL this person/s will have to disclose their identity.
      On the flip side the American connection to the takeover are big wigs in American football and already have a succesful franchise and have knowledge about managing big teams, and they are also flush with a few quid and scared to invest. Of course all this is speculation but it does add more uncertainty to the whole process.
      So with all this in the melting pot i dont see anything happening just yet even with the announcement last week. You can be sure that if there are indeed 3 interested parties old grey beard will be doing all he can to secure the best deal for numero uno.

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      • The question should not be “what is Bates up to now?” but what has he been up to during his whole tenure at Leeds. The lack of transparency in Bates’ dealings with our club demands an explanation. If it is not forthcoming, then whoever takes over from Bates, if they don’t put clear water between them and he, by not exposing what Bates was up to, they will be tarred with the same brush!
        Consequently, Bates will not sell to anyone that may expose him. The outcome is likely to be Bates selling his stake in Leeds (which he bought from the previous ‘owners’ whom he claimed he did not know) to another offshore shell company which (who knows) Bates may have a stake in.
        The protracted Leeds takeover stinks of the corruption and incompetence that is not only rife within English football governance but also HMRC and organisations like the Serious Fraud Office (that, after 20 years, has yet to make a conviction) and allows tax dodgers like Bates to get away with, in his words, “breaking a few rules”.