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  • Andrew Andrew Oct 1, 2012 22:34 Flag

    Bolton v Leeds

    We have the desire, spirit, and impetus to get a fourth straight win, but over Bolton, after a hectic week, I doubt that our lads will have the legs to give this game a real go. Keeping a clean sheet will be Warnock's priority (after the lads have conceded easy goals in recent matches) so I expect this game to be a bit of a snore-fest.... Expect a draw... unless Neil has a cunning plan to use Poleon or the mysterious new striker with pace.

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    • Another very tough match. Coyle is a very good manager and he will have Bolton whipped up after the defeat to Palace.
      Our lads will be shattered after last week, but if they can re-kindle the spirit of the Revie era, they can still win anything. We may find it tough to score, although with Djioufy in the form that he is chances will be created, and we may get lucky.
      I will be happy with a draw of any kind, and even the meagre total of 2 points from this weeks matches will not be a disaster. More than that will mean I can watch the internationals with a smile on my face!