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  • Tom Tom Oct 9, 2012 23:02 Flag

    Welcome aboard all Pammy Lovers

    David Haigh have you "boobed" in likening the club to a young Pamela Anderson. Stand by for a plethora of innuendoes and jibes about our new found image from all and sundry. Can't wait to hear what "LUST" has to say about it. Hmmn.
    Comments please chaps, for or against? Thought I would keep you all a "breast" of the latest news coming out of Sky Sports Should at least increase the sale of tee shirts, just ordered a XX large. :-)

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    • Simon Walton---Pools manager reckons the lad is just not good enough, way off the pace and he fears for his future in the game.

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      • Potential a label that has been hung around the neck of many promising youngsters Al and often never achieved or delivered. I do feel that the lad thought that he was already there before his time. I hope that he can turn his head around, he is still young enough to do it. Needs a reality check from a strong manager to "kick butt" so to speak. No places to hide in the lower leagues.

    • Guys, please, let’s show a tit of restraint! All the puns about mammary glands and clapped-out 1980/90s models have teen exhausted on Twitter. David Haigh claims he only said Leeds has ‘great assets’ and (presumatly, via some Monty Pythonesque English-Arat/Arat-English translation) this was interpreted as ‘Pamela Anderson’ – it could easily have come out as: “my nipples explode with pleasure”. Misreading one letter in a translation (like a‘t’ for a ‘b’ – where ‘b’ stands for Bates) can make all the difference.
      We’ve already had enough sexual allusions from Ken Tates and his Tantric slow arousal comments, and don’t need more from potential new owners.
      There is no ‘B’ in LEEDS UNITED – oh yes there is; it's a silent 'B' as in Hull St!

    • There are 'two points' to be made here.
      1. At least Haighs comment was unique in the world of football, and shows a lighter side which has been missing for the last 8 years.
      2. These guy's are obviously serious, and whether or not they are successful when and if they take over the club, we will at least be rid of Master Bates.
      We may only have to wait 3 weeks if the rumours are correct and it can't go quick enough for me. Hopefully his comments will invigorate the team even more as the players will now have hope that the deal will go through, and they can maybe see the promised land ahead.
      I would still like the truth about Bates to come out, but I think he must have tied them in knots and we will never know.