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  • Andrew Andrew Oct 11, 2012 22:37 Flag

    Realistic review

    Because of, or despite, a lack of funding, Neil Warnock has assembled a (threadbare) squad that combines youngsters with experienced pros in a side that has an ‘all for one, one for all’ fighting mentality. It is great to see every player on the pitch playing for the shirt, and being rewarded with results. But let’s not fool ourselves. At present; Leeds is not a Championship winning side.
    Going into the international break, we are 7th/joint 6th in the table yet, without investment that is likely to be as high as we go all season.
    Leeds does not have enough game-changing quality players to compete against sides that have invested and spent time integrating such players into their teams’ tactics.
    If the Leeds takeover happens before Christmas, in time to recruit new players in the January transfer window, you have to wonder how Neil Warnock will integrate new talent into his ‘anti-football’ strategies – will he change tactics to accommodate new players or will he expect new players to sacrifice their natural flair to suit team tactics?
    A new squad should have been assembled in June, giving Warnock enough time to get a potential Championship winning side to gel. Introducing new players mid-season seldom works because it upsets the integrity of an established squad and can affect dressing room morale, and team performances.
    For those who think this Leeds takeover/investment (if it happens) will guarantee auto promo this season, think again! As ever during his regime at Leeds, Bates (whether he sells or not) has sold its supporters short again.

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    • Andy we should remember that we have a sizeable crop of injuries to key players eg Green and Norris who undoutably if fit and playing would have enabled us to gain at least 4 more points which in turn would place us at the top at this moment in time. Sources suggest that Warnock will have about £5 million to spend in the January window. Not a lot I hear you say but consider these two points: Warnock will not be around for ever ,his words so giving him that amount should allow him to bolster the squad with at least two quality players to help us push on for promotion. The second and more important point is because he has not had real money to gather his team in June/July it has allowed us to see the emergence of our trio of youngsters who have established a sound foothold in our squad. Had Warnock got his chosen players earlier then these lads would certainly been put out to play on loan. I do believe however that the new owners have placed their initial trust in Warnock only time will tell.

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      • A very interesting post just perfect for the international break.
        I am beginning to have a lot more faith in Colin than I ever had before. As a Championship manager I believe he does a superb job, after seeing how he has brought this team together from scratch, and the tactical nous he shows during a game, will give us a fair shot at promotion whether Bates stays or not.
        There are similarities to the days of the Don, except we do not have as many talented youngsters as we did then and the quality of the older players is not quite as good apart from Djioufy.
        This league this year is the toughest since we got promotion and it will get tougher year on year as the parachute payments get higher. That said, as you know I am a great believer in youth and we still have a few youngsters who look like they will make a good grade when they step up. If we can be there or there abouts at Christmas we will have a chance of getting somewhere, and even if Colin does get money to buy it will be no guarantee of success, but if he doesn't then we will not last the distance, and even if we gained promotion we would not survive with little or no money available.
        Let's hope Colin gets what he needs to have a decent shot at the promised land.