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  • Andrew Andrew Oct 17, 2012 17:03 Flag

    Sheffield Wednesday v Leeds

    Sheffield Wed – 4-4-2
    Buxton, Gardner, Llera, Mattock;
    Antonio, Semedo, McCabe, Barkley;
    Bothroyd, O'Grady.

    Leeds – 4-2-3-1
    Byram, Lees, Pearce, Peltier;
    Norris, Austin;
    White; Diouf, Tonge;


    The Wendies will be desperate to get a result, and out of trouble. They have decent players all over the pitch, but are on a losing streak. Team morale and confidence will be low and their fans starting to get on the backs of certain players.
    In contrast, Leeds has had a good run of results and should be up for this game. A win will help to keep Leeds in touch with its slender promotion hopes – while it waits for “investment”!
    But, despite recent results, our lads haven’t been playing well – tired legs in a threadbare squad? The international break will have allowed recovery time for most of ours, except for Austin – a key man for us.
    This will be a hard-fought local derby. If the Owls keep majority possession, I can see Antonio breaking down the wing, and Bothroyd bullying Byram and Lees. However, Neil Warnock, a smart manager, will organise Leeds to frustrate and punish the Wendies.


    Sheffield Wed 0-2 Leeds

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    • Well said Peter! couldn't agree more!

    • I was up streaming the game on Saturday morning here... My first thought when it happened was obviously, what a disgrace!

      However, my second thought was where were the security? Where were the police? How does this happen? In Australia pitch invasions just don't happen because all sports and stadiums spend the appropriate money to ensure that people won't get on.. Pitch invasion in Australia comes with an instant $12,500 fine... Whether you are an imbosile/moron or not, that amount is enough to deter the majority... Those who do go ahead with it are usually that pissed that they struggle to make it over the pitch, let alone near a player..

      Yes there are execptions - youtube Andrew Symonds streaker - but they are very rare.

      The scheduling of this game on a Friday night, besides being very unfair on us with international players given half an hours turnaround, sounded like trouble for me halfway across the world - local derby, two hated managers etc... Yet the money talks and the scheduling is done based on television!

      Wait for us and our name to be dragged through the fire now and for the 98.5% of good fans to suffer the consequences...

    • I agree Andy but seeing as all Leeds fans are guilty in the eyes of everyone, only Leeds can defend Leeds! And Dave Jones comments inflammatory to say the least the damage is done he has got what he wanted full exposure, Leeds getting slated everywhere TV, Radio etc now all of a sudden because it's Leeds the F.A. has issued a statement saying a full investigation will be carried out this needs to be stamped out NOW! So where was the investigation about Huddersfield fans attacking Smith, Sheff Wed attacking Palace staff, Carlisle, Millwall, Cardiff on Leeds?

    • "Methinks he protests too much" (Will Shakespeare.
      I see your point Andy, but maybe he is doing a Saville. Actually I don't believe he is, but he should expect what he got after the references to Istanbul.

    • I’m sort of with Al on this, instead of giving a football hoodlum any coverage for his moment of infamy we should be talking about football…
      We got a good point as, over the 90+ minutes, Sheffield Wednesday was the better team. Performances in our last few games have not been good. Our threadbare squad has been exposed too often. Warnock has created a team with a “dig in” mentality but we are still a side missing players to fire us to promotion. After Tonge’s brilliant equaliser, the culmination of 14 clever passes, it looked as if Leeds might go on to clinch a win. The momentum was stopped by the pitch invasion….
      But with Dave Jones, and his friends in the media, demanding that Leeds be punished (‘away supporters banned’, ‘games behind closed doors’, ‘fines’, ‘points deductions’, and ‘relegation’ all being called for) it is impossible to ignore the consequences of what happened at Hillsborough on Friday night.

    • Can I just add is the Sheff Wed band anything to do with the England Band? If so they should be Banned (yes yes pun sorry) I do believe the tune they were playing alot of the time was to do with the Warnock chants! BANDS OUT!

    • The idiot has been arrested in Cheltenham!!
      Was he running away or from there?
      Who knows, but either way he and the other nutters who condoned his actions should be dealt withas severely as possible. There is no room for this behaviour any more.
      Dave Jones needs to get realistic too. Colin took 90 minutes of abuse, but managed not to get upset so learn to live with it Mr. Jones.

    • This kind of chat should just not be happening. An ego nutter's face etc blasted all over the media, he'll be well made up.
      A farcical event at Pools v Doncaster last week as well. They brought 600 fans up situated behind the goal. In the 2nd half numerous fights broke out between themselves, police, stewards, chucking them out left right and centre---nowt to do with football.
      H---away fans gum shield manufacturer.

    • Again 'It aint necessarily so' as the lyrics go.
      Wednesday will, as you say, be desperate for a result and who better to get it against than the best team in Yorkshire. On paper they have a very good squad, but results show that they haven't as yet gelled as well as we have, but that time will come, they have a good manager who knows his business, but a chairman who can be just as bad as Bates.
      Derby's are never easy and like last week I say this is a must win match and I think there will only be one goal in it. Hopefully the right way. MOT

    • I'll go 2-1 Leeds Marching on together with 5k+ fans cheering us on. :)