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  • Andrew Andrew Oct 18, 2012 19:18 Flag

    Leeds Un-United

    Before any match, or season, football fans have a mind split between optimism and pessimism, or hope and fear. Basically, they don’t know what to think or believe; other that supporting their team.
    Ken Bates has been involved with football long enough to understand its fans’ ambiguous feelings and exploit their unswerving loyalty – in any other business than football, customers would desert in droves if they were treated as shoddily as Bates has treated Leeds supporters.
    Most (QED) Leeds fans do not trust Ken Bates. His tax evading, obscure offshore ownership of Leeds, and patent lack of ambition on the pitch, have alienated him from a ‘percentage’ of Leeds fans – the per cent he call “morons”. And there’s the rub: no one knows what percentage of Leeds fans Bates is aiming his bile at.
    With his control of the club’s media, and it carrying the message that he ‘saved’ Leeds, Bates is dividing the Leeds fan base.
    The never ending saga of the Leeds takeover is another case of Bates’ divisiveness. Who are we to believe: Bates, GFH, LUST, Reuters…?
    Here’s a conundrum that’s relevant to Leeds. It’s about a prisoner choosing between two doors. One door leads to freedom, the other to certain death. Two guards block the doors. One guard always tells the truth, the other always lies. The prisoner has one question to ask the guards before choosing which door to enter. What question does the prisoner ask?