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  • Andrew Andrew Oct 26, 2012 22:12 Flag

    Dirty Leeds rep - curious

    I haven't posted for a while because I've been busy with other stuff, part of which involved a visit to Scotland. On the train back to Leeds today, I shared a carriage with a wedding party bound for a stag/hen night in Newcastle. The more the party drank the louder it became. Its conversation turned to football and the best team to support. The consensus opinion was Leeds was the team to pin their colours to, not because Leeds United is the best club in the English leagues, or the world, but because being identified as a Leeds fan gave them street cred - i.e. "I'm a Leeds fan, don't mess with me".
    To this bunch of young Scots lads, and lasses, Aaron Cawley, the hoodlum who attacked Chris Kirkland, seemed to be a hero.
    When you see kids wearing Man U, City, and Chelsea, instead of Leeds, shirts around our city it brings home how low LUFC has fallen - blame Bates.
    Against its best intentions, Leeds will always be stuck with the 'Dirty' tag so should we object to new fans joining our support base who see Leeds, basically, as a punk football club - given that Leeds has always been treated shabilly by football's authorities?

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    • No matter who you support there will always be the few! Just had a discussion on board regarding out of towners like myself, I stated I was attending Leeds matches since the 80's aged 11 getting the bus from Teesside to Leeds city centre then to Elland Road back home for 11pm every week home and away, the crowds some days below 10k average prob 14k, I feel 100% Leeds and my Kids will be 100% Leeds no matter what. M.O.T