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  • Lotto, where indeed has all the money gone! Even without the takeover there should be enough money at Leeds to provide Warnock with a decent budget to buy the quality players he needs. Summat aint right at the club and every fan senses it; which is why attendances are dropping. Also, with nothing happening (with the takeover, with new signings, and on the pitch) there is nothing new to discuss on the board(s). You and I seem to be the only posters left here. Where’s Tom, Bryan, Alan, Peter, Easy et al?

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    • I'm still here, but getting very frustrated by the day. No news is certainly not good news as far as LU is concerned.
      I believe there is no money as the club is now making a loss due to the falling attendances, and Bates is being prudent with what he spends. If I am right there will be no money for anything until the takeover occurs. Yet nother deadline is passing on Wednesday and then we are really in trouble. We can not keep in touch with the play off places with the present squad as it is too small and Colin isn't getting the money to maintain the momentum he built up.
      If you put yourselves in his shoes he must be mightily pissed off by now and who can blame him.