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  • Rubbish, again! Something has to change soon.

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    • To say the least it was lacklustre, atmosphere killed off, more money wasted ahhhhhh, the attendance not too bad but compared to averaging 27k we are on the downward spiral and I really see no end until Bates has gone. The Southampton game will be an interesting point, I can see a below 20k attendance unless the take over is complete but even then the Soul at Elland Road has been well and truly killed off and will need rebuilding which could take years! When and if the new owners come in they will need to put in place drastic changes to policy's within the club from Stewarding to the pricing policy, the last time I actually saw reduced prices was the Oleary era! Until then it's mediocre, plus really where is this so called 6 million invested in the club? M.O.T

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      • Lotto, where indeed has all the money gone! Even without the takeover there should be enough money at Leeds to provide Warnock with a decent budget to buy the quality players he needs. Summat aint right at the club and every fan senses it; which is why attendances are dropping. Also, with nothing happening (with the takeover, with new signings, and on the pitch) there is nothing new to discuss on the board(s). You and I seem to be the only posters left here. Where’s Tom, Bryan, Alan, Peter, Easy et al?