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  • Andrew Andrew Oct 29, 2012 22:21 Flag

    Square pegs

    Aidan White is a left back – why play him out of position?
    Lee Peltier is a right back - why play him out of position?
    Tom Lees is not a right back - why play him out of position?
    El Hadje Diouf is not a striker - why play him out of position?

    Neil Warnock seems to be repeating Simon Grayson’s mistakes and you have to wonder why.
    Larry tinkered with the Leeds defence so much that, in it not working as a unit, “individual player errors” cost us goals and games – defensive players have to know, instinctively, who will do what, where, and when; and this comes through playing together regularly and consistently in the same roles.
    Under Larry, our defence was not the whole problem; that was the structure of the team and its lack of quality in all areas – mostly, the defence took the lumps for the team having an ineffective midfield and the consequences of playing route one football.
    Route One, hoof and hope football, is the fall back tactic of a manager who has no belief in the quality of his (or her, to be PC) players. Shuffling players out of position, maybe in the hope of confusing other teams, is not a strategy that works – in fact, unless there is quality strength and depth in the squad, this strategy usually backfires as the existing players don’t know what to do in their new roles.
    Warnock is in the same position as Grayson was at Leeds; he has had exactly the same lack of support from the Leeds board. The difference is that, unlike Grayson, Warnock doesn’t need this job so why is he staying when the club is run like a Third World republic with funds disappearing into offshore bank accounts. Why is he prepared to put up with an apparently ‘no win’ situation? What’s in it for him?
    Is Neil Warnock a square or a round peg in Ken Bates’ hole?
    Whatever the status of the takeover is, you would expect a manager with the status of Neil Warnock to demand that Leeds back him to achieve his ‘stated’ ambition of a manager gaining the record of promoting the most clubs, so why doesn’t he shout it out loud? Is he afraid of Ken Bates? And, if so, why?

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