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  • Andrew Andrew Oct 30, 2012 23:14 Flag

    Leeds v Soton

    Nice! If this game has given Varney confidence, we might have another potential strike partner for Becchio.

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    • Something must have happened with Varney.
      As I think I said when he was signed he played really well at Blackpool, but hasn't been so good since he left.
      Confidence may well be the problem, but I have been surprised that Colin hasn't used him more, especially as we are so thin on the ground. There must have been a reason, but let's hope the lad will start to shine a little now.

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      • I watched Varney in the first game of the season (v Wolves) and noticed that, while he had a lot of energy, found space, and got into scoring positions, no one passed the ball to him – he was like the Nobby Nomates of the team. After that game his performance level dropped. Fans then started to criticise him – ironically, for not working for the team!
        Varney’s self-confidence must have been reduced to sub zero – hence missing shots on an open goal! Varney is not a poor player (look at his contribution to Blackpool’s success) and it is up to his manager, team mates, and Leeds fans to help restore the lad’s confidence.
        IMO, Varney is more like a striker; one that can work the channels, than a midfielder and his lack of impact to date is down to NW playing him out of position. Now, after the performance Varney delivered against Southampton, maybe Neil will realise that he has attacking options other than sending long balls to Becchio. A confident Varney (with his mojo working and shooting boots on) could add an extra five to ten goals to Leeds’ vital tally at the end of the season.

      • Lets hope he has to shoot from less than 2cm next time ;). Though yeah he had a good game