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  • Andrew Andrew Nov 3, 2012 21:54 Flag

    How art the Mighty Whites fallen

    Here’s an excerpt from a report on the Leeds v Arsenal game from 21 September 1968 – which Leeds won 2-0; knocking Arsenal off the number one spot.
    “What I’ve always liked about the Leeds style is that they don’t just clear the ball away from the penalty area, unless they need to, they pass it out of defence or even dribble away with it if they’ve the space. It all means that Leeds can keep possession and attack and score from just about every position, besides the goalie of course, and even then that’s not impossible. The players hardly make a wayward pass or aimless punt, including Sprake [goalie] who usually throws or rolls the ball out rather than just drop-kicking it with less accuracy.”
    Kenneth Wolstenholme [famous commentator], with the Match of the Day television crew, called Leeds “the number one team in the country”… Contrast the above with how Leeds plays at present. It seems that every team in the world, except Leeds, now plays “the Leeds style”. WTF has happened to our club!
    Mid table in the second division and failing, Leeds is not even a shade of its former self. Due to lack of investment, ambition, and vision, Leeds struggles to cling on to existence by playing anti-football.
    Despite ten years in the football wilderness – most of those years orchestrated by Ken Bates, Leeds retains an international fan base that many Premiership clubs could only dream of – it is still a valuable football property. Yet, something rotten at the core of its current ownership stinks. So much so that potential investors are reluctant to take this “sleeping giant” over.
    Surely, it is time for the football authorities, the government, HMRC, and other statutory bodies to take a serious look at what has been, and is, going on at Leeds and with its tax dodging owners.

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    • To play like we did in the 60's and 70's you need to have the players with the skills to execute the game like that.
      Unfortunately we only have less than a handful with the necessary skills so those days will have to wait until we can grow the players who have them or be able to buy a couple to bring out the best in what we have.
      GFC must have come across some unsavoury things that have prolonged this negotiation and are obviously trying to appease Master Bates and at the same time protect their reputation, and make sure they are distanced from any future prosecutions. That will not be easy to achieve which is why things are taking so long. The danger is there may not be a solution that will satisfy all parties and LU will be left in pergatory.
      Like Saville, the truth about Bates may never come out until he has finished his life span, and the new owners will not wish to carry the can for his misdemeanours. A very tricky situation for all concerned.