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  • kevin kevin Nov 18, 2012 18:35 Flag

    Millwall v Leeds

    Almost right Bryan 1-0, another brutal performance and Warnock playing players out of position time to go Mr.Warnock you cant take us any further with this drab, and dont forget Bates on your way out. Bring on investors NOW!!!

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    • Apart from the fact that we never looked like scoring I don't think we played too badly.
      Hall was a big dissapointment for me as although he is fast he didn't seem to have the skills. The defence seemed reasonably solid , but we hardly had a shot on goal all game. Varney is another dissapointment as he is not the player he was at Blackpool, although definitely played out of position.
      We need more guile and more oomph up front, neither of which are going to appear before January if then!
      Until Bates hangs up his shirt we are in dire trouble.

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      • What was Neil Warnock thinking – I just don’t get it!
        Going up against an in-form team like Millwall the first thing the manager of a depleted team should do is strengthen his defence – a back four of Byram, Lees, Peltier, and Dury (with Peltier out of position and Byram, playing in Peltier’s position, hobbled as an attacking threat) was, of itself, madness and an invitation for Millwall to attack.
        A midfield of Hall, Green, Tonge, and Varney, which was not set up to support the back four but to go forward, makes Neil’s formation appear even more crazy!
        Add to that, Neil continuing to play Diouf, a midfield general, as a striker (which he ain’t!), his insistence on playing left-footed players on the right and vice versa, players passing back to Kenny for him to knock the ball up-field with no accuracy or effect, players getting red cards for unnecessary aggression, few threats on an opponent’s goal, an inability to convert the few chances the team gets… The list of failings is endless.
        When I first heard about Neil Warnock having secret talks with Ken Bates in Monaco I suspected graft; that suspicion, and many negative feelings about Neil Warnock, evaporated after Neil Warnock’s positive comments about Leeds on his appointment as manager. Now I am back to suspecting that Neil Warnock is in cahoots with Ken Bates.