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  • Andrew Andrew Nov 20, 2012 19:19 Flag

    Nothing comes of nothing...

    With no one posting anymore, I guess this once lively Leeds footie board is now dead - thanks, Yahoo!
    If any of you can now even access this site, I'd like to say thanks to every contributer who has shared in the experience of supporting Leeds United through this board - Tom, Bryan, Lotto, Alan, Jez, Peter, Peter F, Easy, Kevin, The Dunster, Toni; B4ts, Nige... and many others.
    MOT - in the twighlight zone!

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    • Hey I'm back yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    • News of my demise is somewhat premature Andy. My lack of posting is certainly not due to lack of interest rather more of a Rip Van Winkle syndrome adopted by my trusty old PC and the continued curse of Yahoo. How ever resplendent with a new PC courtesy of the collapse of Comet I am pleased to resume with the elite of our board.My glass gents still remains half full unlike my wallet although of late each swig taken from the glass lately has a bitter taste to it. Good to know the stalwarts yourself Bryan Lotto and the peripheral Al have kept the wheels well oiled. I prepared this post on Word prior to the news of the takeover. Comments should be very interesting. MOT

    • Looks like there is only 3 of us left Andy!
      We are definitely in the 'Twilight Zone' along with our team.
      I think most people have left the board, not only because of Yahoo (I think i've sorted my problem), but the fact that we are now following a rudderless ship.
      Maybe when Master Bates is finally gone everyone will return, at least I hope so as I thoroughly enjoy the banter even though I can not always join in.
      I will keep posting as and when the frustration gets the better of me and pray that all will return to normal when the bearded wonder departs.