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    It’s good to be connected again!
    Yahoo! footy boards, once the go-to sites for fans are now, like Yhaoo!, failing. Yahoo!, afraid of challenging Microsoft, set up as a ‘media’, rather than a ‘technology/information-based’, company – this is why we, its users, experienced intrusive and annoying ads on our boards.
    Unlike Google, Face Book, Twitter and other more recent technology enterprises, Yahoo! Invested in ‘suits’ – conventional business managers – rather than the ‘teckies’ and ‘hackers’ whose input powers online communications.
    Last week, as users experienced the frustration of not being able to log-on to Yahoo! boards, the management of Yahoo! resigned as the company’s stock plummeted.
    The situation now is that Yahoo! could either go ‘tits up’ (and its footy boards will end) or the company it feared most, Microsoft, will take it over and try to challenge the run-away market dominance of information-based companies such as Google, Face Book, Twitter et al.
    There is a slim chance that, with the right investment and its management realising what business it is really in (echoes of Leeds!) Yahoo! could return as a major media player – in which case, this Leeds board, that has been dormant for years, could regain its status as the site fans visit automatically for all comments on Leeds United.

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    • I will stay with the larger thanks Al ,minus the DD's
      Keep them coming :-)

    • Heed not Andy, yer mans talking YIM speak, out of his ARSE in the House of Fraser.
      Y I Man!

    • Al, at school I once got a 'C' grade for an English essay with the comment "too abstruce".The mark and assessment upset me. But now, maybe, I appreciate my old English teacher's comment as I don't understand WTF you're on about - please explain in non-Geordie language!

    • I echo the sentiments Andy glad you managed to scramble back on board "the sinking board". Missed your in-depth summaries and analysis. That just leaves young Peter and Easy still adrift. I am sending Easy another key to wind up his pigeon and a boomerang to OZ for young Peter. Lets hope they respond. It would be a shame if we all get cast adrift again as I have enjoyed the repartee with you all including Al the peripheral with his sense of humour.
      Best wishes for Christmas to one and all.
      Perhaps if Yahoo does go belly up some one ought to suggest a reasonable website for us to continue on. Any suggestions?

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      • Send me another key and I am just liable tocome over there and shove up you Juliette Alpha Charlie Kilo Sierra India Echo, Mate! Just joking Tom! Wind up me Pigeons indeed!

      • Send me another key and I am just liable tocome over there and shove up you Juliette Alpha Charlie Kilo Sierra Inda Echo, Mate! Just joking Tom! Wind up me Pigeons indeed!

      • When the Yahoo! Leeds board was going strong it was easy to contact posters by clicking on their profiles and using their yahoo mail addresses to make off-board contact – I still have email contact with a few; but that easy connection seems to be no longer possible. The risk of making personal contact details public was always about leaving you open to malicious attacks from other clubs’ supporters – Manure supporters were particularly adept at ‘troll’ attacks and disseminating computer viruses.
        Today, with this Leeds board pretty much off the radar of Man U fans (for the time being!) and the board having only a handful of the faithful left, and with the prospect of Yahoo! likely to go “tango-indigo-tango-sup”, I’m happy to go public with my personal email address (andrew.breslin@virginmedia.com) and if any of you guys wants to contact me at this address I’ll be happy to act as a conduit to link us so we’ll know who we are and how we relate when posting on other Leeds boards in a future that may not include Yahoo!.
        Already, occasionally, I post on other Leeds boards such as YEP, Through It All Together, The Scratching Shed et al and none give me the buzz I used to get from the fair-minded Leeds Yahoo board.

      • Great idea Tom, like I said pity we can't message each other, or can we?

    • Good to see you back Andy