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  • kevin kevin Dec 8, 2012 19:42 Flag

    Derby C v Leeds U

    Totally agree wth you andrew, neil must change tatics, his team is starting to look like Graysons side of last season, Leeds are facing bottom end of table again unless these new owners invest heavy we will be stuck in this league forever.

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    • Thanks, Kevin. Why is it that fans can often see what a manager doesn't? Peltier is out of possition at LB and, therefore, a defensive liability - as was proved. Diouf changed the game when he came on, though not enough for Leeds to win as he is not a striker - just one of the best midfield generals in the Championship who should be used as such, not as a replacement for McCormack.

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      • I am still amazed at the way Colin plays so many out of position and in my opinion that was the main reason for our previous poor run.
        If we have injured or suspended players then you have to bring in your cover for those positions or give the kids a break.
        We don't have utility players any mor like Paul Madeley, and in all fairness they are far and few between.
        When colin signed the players he has then they were bought to play in a certain position or in a certain way. To constantly mess with this is a foolish game and will lead to disaster.