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  • Andrew Andrew Dec 8, 2012 17:49 Flag

    Derby C v Leeds U

    Leeds (from manager to players) got it wrong, again!
    Al’s ‘Fatal Attraction /Distraction’ thread masked match discussion on this board prior to the Rams game – not that comments on this board would have made any difference!
    My prediction about a Leeds win in Al’s thread was wrong. However, I did say: “Derby will be prepared to counter Leeds if Neil plays an unchanged side”. Then, lo and behold, Neil Warnock fielded an unchanged side and Derby, as sure as rams are rams, knew exactly what to expect and played the Whites off the park.
    My main criticism of Simon Grayson as Leeds’ manager was his predictability; it seems now that Neil Warnock is repeating the failings of his predecessor.
    Not changing a winning side is one thing, assuming a world-beating team, but the arrogance of paying no attention to the strengths and weaknesses of an opponent is another; one that invites a hiding – which is what Leeds got, and deserved, at Pride Park.

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    • The Life expectancy of Managers/Trainers in the UK seems to be way past some of their "Sell By" dates! Over here, in the main they are two different people (Though it has been tried by the likes of Felix Magath etc) and changes occur with regularity!
      Usually two a month are dropped in the first two Divs alone! Predictability in a Manager/trainer has got to be the all time No 1 thing not to allow to happen, so why does it?

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      • Anyone who’s managed a team will know how difficult it is to keep all team members on-side. I’m not just talking about football. In any organisation that requires structure to deliver results it is imperative that everyone in the organisation is focused on an objective. It appears simple but the reality is more complex. For instance, if Leeds United was, say, an advertising agency pitching for a feminine hygiene products account it would be reckless to just use the same, all male, team that was successful in winning a pitch for a beer brand. Likewise, in football, it does not follow that the team which beat Palace, Leicester, and Huddersfield has the right composition to beat Derby.
        A good manager picks horses for course. As a manager with years of experience, you’d expect Neil Warnock to do this but, for reasons we may never know, he picked a team to play Derby that allowed the Rams to tear Leeds apart – was this laziness, arrogance, incompetence, or something else?
        For sure, when players are doing well it takes a lot of guts to stand them down, but this was hardly the case at Pride Park. Lee Peltier, out of position at LB, had been performing poorly for several games; so why continue to play him in that position when the squad has adequate LB cover with White, Dury, and even Pugh? Is it because NW made Peltier the captain and feels compelled to play him, in any position? Is it because Sam Byram has nailed the RB place – but wouldn’t Byram be better going forward, excused from the defensive duties which Peltier could fulfil better?
        One of the hardest tasks in management is to figure out how you win, not how you lose. This involves objectivity. To quote Attila, “a leader never sups with his Huns” and I think Warnock may be supping with the experienced and trusted ‘captains’ he has assembled his team around instead of looking at the whole picture from the objective point of view that a general should have.

    • Totally agree wth you andrew, neil must change tatics, his team is starting to look like Graysons side of last season, Leeds are facing bottom end of table again unless these new owners invest heavy we will be stuck in this league forever.

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      • Thanks, Kevin. Why is it that fans can often see what a manager doesn't? Peltier is out of possition at LB and, therefore, a defensive liability - as was proved. Diouf changed the game when he came on, though not enough for Leeds to win as he is not a striker - just one of the best midfield generals in the Championship who should be used as such, not as a replacement for McCormack.