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    Leeds United’s future on a compass

    Presently, Leeds is being pulled in four directions:
    1, (North), it needs to invest in playing personnel if it wants to go up to the Premier League. Years of no investment, in fact its opposite under the Bates regime, has seen the once Might Whites reduced to a struggling, mid-table, second division club. Investment is needed but the January transfer window is not the best time to recruit key players – if any are available.
    2, (South), based on recent performances, without investment in new players, the only direction Leeds is heading in is towards the drop zone – even winning points though playing poorly does not luck guarantee relegation!
    3, (East), Leeds needed the takeover to happen ahead of the season in order to have a clear shot at auto promo. For whatever reason (which we all hope will become public knowledge) the club, and Warnock, was left in a make-do-and-mend situations from which it has had to struggle. At this point in the season, no amount of investment from an Eastern benefactor will make a significant difference to Leeds’ fortunes.
    4, (West), it has no apparent plan for the future. Whatever the outcome, at the end of this season Neil Warnock will retire to his farm in the West Country and the manager that follows him will be left with a team of, mostly, Neil’s mates who may not respond to playing in a new system.
    On the face of it, things don’t look good for Leeds this term. However, being positive, I believe Warnock is cannier than we are giving him credit for. If Bates is advising GFH –to follow his no investment business model – then I can see why Warnock may ‘throw’ a couple of games in order to urge GFH to ignore Bates and invest now.

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    • 8 million no chance, 2-3 tops, though they are an unknown quantity so what do I know! Until the ground and training ground are re-purchased I really can't see decent investment with 3 million being wasted every season. Though I did actually meet Mr Patel and asked him is he going to spend big ;)

    • Sounds wonderful Colin, but it is just a dream!
      In all fairness now is not the time to splash the cash unless you can bring in a couple of young pacy players with lots of skill like Tarabt etc, but that isn't going to happen.

    • G F H need at least 8 million for the players plus some loan players this should head us true north whith out play offs .

    • Funnily enough I did the same thing Tom and came to the same conclusion.
      I had a season ticket from 54-79 in the West stand, but there are no concessions there now, and the seats in the East stand family area are not good value IMO.
      Can't see the prices coming down next year as we will still be payer KB for the ground rent which will probably get a severe hike.
      I'm also not happy with the players Colin is looking at bringing in.
      I know they did a good job for him at QPR, but they are now 3 years older and will have dropped their pace, which we are badly in need of. I think we will be very lucky to get into the playoffs now, and I'm almost ready to write off another season.
      Programme notes could be interesting at the next match.

    • Thought about getting a reduced season ticket for the remainder of the season now that B has gone. However the amount is not a going proposion and therfore will pick a few out if we look like being in contention. Sounds awful and lukewarm Lotto considering the amount you premium supporters shell out to come down here to support. It simply a case of watchin g the pennies these days as us old geezers are hamstrung on priorities. Maybe the new owners might consider dropping prices next season to try and fill the ground. As has been said we will have no chance of that if B is still sniffing and skulking around for carcass pickings

    • Seen a few low crowds in my day mate early 80's, slowly built up a fan base to be decimated by a certain Mr B! It will take time to woo the fans back but GFH need to be realistic with the pricing structure which I hope they address! Cat B for Bristol and still loads of tickets maybe fans are waiting to see their intentions before ploughing more money to watch a very average side. M.O.T

    • What are the odds that when the transfer window closes we will at best have brought a couple of players in on loan.
      The crowd of 11,447 for a 3rd round cup tie has to be a loss making day. I haven't seen a crowd as low as that since the 50's.
      KB will be laughing his head off and GFH are going to have to find a lot more money than they bargained for. Won't be long before they come out with "There isn't enough money in the kitty"
      This will be a true test of their commitment and I can't wait to see what happens.

    • Still waiting on our Marquee signings :(

    • Never mind the North Star it's more like the Conference!

    • I think at the moment our football is more suited to the North Star!

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