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  • Tom Tom Jan 9, 2013 22:13 Flag

    Window Open or closed ? Cant tell can you?

    One man cant be blamed for Barnsleys position Kevin as you well know.They are suffering from the same as we are sell your best off and down you drop.Their rot set in when they sold their best player to Norwich Jacob Butterfield as a result their midfield and supply to strikers dried up. Any striker who nets four in a game cant be that bad.You obviously did not see him run our lot ragged over the last season. Like they say its all about opinion. Will watch his progress at Bolton.as I hope you will . Yes we will make it to the top but not this year and not with NW and his chosen. Too many excuses made by him about performances mostly of late because of his signings not good enough with the exception of Doofy. Thank goodness for Beccs, where would we be without his goals..Down with Barnsley.

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