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  • Tom Tom Jan 9, 2013 15:30 Flag

    Window Open or closed ? Cant tell can you?

    Where are all the targets Neil? Another quality striker snatched from under your nose literally for peanuts. This is one that we could afford. Craig Davis Barnsley to Bolton for £300K release clause.
    How come Freedman and lesser mortals as ourselves can spot his qualities and your scouting staff cant!
    I am beginning to feel that we have been taken for another ride with our new owners looking as if they don’t have two pennies to rub together and reluctant to part with one of them. I find it disappointing that even after a month our recent loanees are not even close to returning, even though they still remain unwanted by their parent clubs.
    On a happier note the Bantams may be our nearest rivals but I must say how I enjoyed watching them turn over Villa last night. I hope you and your staff were watching Mr Warnock. Football as it should be played …ball to feet first touch and to players on the move , exploiting space and who know what they are doing. The Bantams played like a team closing down and covering back in defence. This was a team with three key players missing and with the help of some intelligent gifted players, playing to their strengths and covering their weaknesses. OH how I wish.we could do the same!!

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    • Glad we didnt sign Craig Davis if he is that good why is Barnsley stuck at the bottom of table! pay peanuts get monkeys as they say. I think Neil knows who he wants let him do his job, we will be MOT one day soon.

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      • One man cant be blamed for Barnsleys position Kevin as you well know.They are suffering from the same as we are sell your best off and down you drop.Their rot set in when they sold their best player to Norwich Jacob Butterfield as a result their midfield and supply to strikers dried up. Any striker who nets four in a game cant be that bad.You obviously did not see him run our lot ragged over the last season. Like they say its all about opinion. Will watch his progress at Bolton.as I hope you will . Yes we will make it to the top but not this year and not with NW and his chosen. Too many excuses made by him about performances mostly of late because of his signings not good enough with the exception of Doofy. Thank goodness for Beccs, where would we be without his goals..Down with Barnsley.

      • So far, this transfer window looks like every other under Bates’ chairmanship – it’s as if Bates hasn’t left… Hang on, Bates hasn’t left!
        There are strong rumours that the club will sell Becchio to capitalise on his 19 goal tally. Byram is likely to stay, unless a silly bid comes in for him. And it seems that Gray has terminated his contract, “by mutual consent”, and will move to Bradford.
        On the up side, it is rumoured that Alajandro Faurlin (MF) from QPR and Dexter Blackstock (ST) from Notts Forest are undergoing medicals at Thorp Arch and likely to sign for Leeds.
        Additionally, Warnock is rumoured to be interested in signing the following players:
        Lewin Nyatange (CB) from Bristol City
        Lewis Grabban (ST) from Bournemouth
        Max Clayton (ST) from Crewe Alexandra
        Alan Judge (MF) from Notts County
        Kim Ojo (ST) from SK Brann
        Jozy Altidore (ST) from AZ Alkmaar.
        There could be a couple of undiscovered gems heading to Leeds and, just maybe, things are not as bleak as they appear.

    • Really pleased for the Bantams last night and they deserve to go to Wembley on that showing.
      According to Colin we will be making a significant signing this week. His words 'Whoever we bring in will be better than our existing players'.
      I nearly p****d myself laughing. Nearly half way through the window and the only names in the hat are Clint Hill & Dexter Blackstock, neither of whom make me feel like shelling out money I haven't got to see them play.
      I hope all the rumours are wrong and that meaningful signings will be made for player with experience, pace and skill in their mid 20's.
      Living on a knife edge in hope!