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  • I listened to the same interview Lotto and what is going on with Warnock and his comments . Not only did he disparage White but had ago at Beccs as well. Both comments and his comments about the ref were aimed at deflecting blame from himself. The worst comment to come out of the post match discussion was that it was stated that our new owners made a point of stipulating that part of their deal to buy LUFC was that Warnock was to remain our manager.Something stinks about the whole set up and I feel inclined to agree with Andy that there is a triangular collusion in the management of our club.We are now half way through the transfer window and to date we bought Ryan Hall for a paltry sum and Tonge for an undisclosed fee. Young Barkley in for a month loan however after todays game Everton are likely to want a quick return as Warnock will more than likely blight his promising career by pratting him about by his Tinkering Tactics and hoof and hope football. Seven changes today five last game and on and on it goes.

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