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    • Straight from the beating heart of Leeds. What an excellent summary of our current demise.
      This letter should be sent to Phil Hay and published full page in the YEP requesting a reply from Warnock and Haigh.
      We live in hope as ever.

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      • The current mood at Leeds is depressing to say the least, the cost to watch pure dross and fuel has put more than a few off, I am really looking for an improvement against Bristol or Warnock must go, apparent meeting tomorrow with the board so he could be on his way and to be fair it's his team and he keeps putting players all over the place and playing hooooooooof ball something has got to give as the fans will not return to watch hooooofy every week!

    • Doesn't take much sussing out, lads. It's' a Warnock (Bates) comfort factor for me. A stagnation in club motivation, and fan's like yourselves are left to suffer as though you don't know what's going on when you do.

    • Bryan, it's a good letter. It states what all Leeds fans are feeling but stops short of addressing why Leeds is playing so poorly. Warnock, with his years of experience, will not have become useless overnight. His team selections and tactics are those of a manager who wants to lose games. Something's not White at Leeds - indeed I suspect something very dark is going on behind closed doors at Elland Road.

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      • ... on a lighter side, does anyone remember Jilted John?
        I've been going out with a girl, her name is Bates. But last night she said to me, when we were watching telly
        (This is what she said)
        She said listen, Leeds, I love you but there's this bloke I fancy, I don't want to two-time you, so it's the end for you and me
        “Who's this bloke?” I asked her. “Warnock”, she replied. “Not THAT puff!”, I said, dismayed. “Yes, but he's no puff”, she cried (He's more of a man than you'll ever be)
        Here we go, two three four
        I was so upset that I cried, all the way to the chip shop. When I came out there was Warnock, standing at the bus stop
        (And guess who was with him? Yeah, Bates, and they were both laughing at me) Oh, she is cruel and heartless to pack me for Warnock. Just cos he's better looking than me Just cos he's cool and trendy
        But I know he's a moron, Warnock is a moron Warnock is a moron, Warnock is a moron
        Here we go, two three four
        Oh she's a slag and he's a creep She's a tart, he's very cheap She is a slut, he thinks he's tough She is a bitch, he is a puff Yeah yeah, it's not fair Yeah, yeah, it's not fair
        (I'm so upset)
        I'm so upset, I'm so upset, yeah, yeah...