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  • BRYAN BRYAN Jan 16, 2013 21:05 Flag

    What Now?

    I quite agree. Something is definiteley wrong.
    These lads are all capable of playing half decent football, so why the hoofball tactics? GFH have gone very quiet and as usual all transfer targets have been missed.
    Oh how we could have done with Chris Wood doing for us as he has done for Leicester. If £1.2M was too much then we are being shafted again.
    GFH have shrouded themselves in as much mystery as KB. Look at other clubs that have been taken over by wealthy owners - investment happens and although promotion may not be realised they at least have a go. As far as I can see we still need at least 4 more players, and that is just not going to happen.
    So far as I am concerned nothing has changed and won't until Master Bates has departed this world.