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  • Lottolee Lottolee Jan 12, 2013 21:25 Flag

    What Now?

    Some of the worst football I have personally ever seen. Do we still trust in Warnock? His interview today was unbelievable god knows what White must be thinking!

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    • I listened to the same interview Lotto and what is going on with Warnock and his comments . Not only did he disparage White but had ago at Beccs as well. Both comments and his comments about the ref were aimed at deflecting blame from himself. The worst comment to come out of the post match discussion was that it was stated that our new owners made a point of stipulating that part of their deal to buy LUFC was that Warnock was to remain our manager.Something stinks about the whole set up and I feel inclined to agree with Andy that there is a triangular collusion in the management of our club.We are now half way through the transfer window and to date we bought Ryan Hall for a paltry sum and Tonge for an undisclosed fee. Young Barkley in for a month loan however after todays game Everton are likely to want a quick return as Warnock will more than likely blight his promising career by pratting him about by his Tinkering Tactics and hoof and hope football. Seven changes today five last game and on and on it goes.

    • I quite agree. Something is definiteley wrong.
      These lads are all capable of playing half decent football, so why the hoofball tactics? GFH have gone very quiet and as usual all transfer targets have been missed.
      Oh how we could have done with Chris Wood doing for us as he has done for Leicester. If £1.2M was too much then we are being shafted again.
      GFH have shrouded themselves in as much mystery as KB. Look at other clubs that have been taken over by wealthy owners - investment happens and although promotion may not be realised they at least have a go. As far as I can see we still need at least 4 more players, and that is just not going to happen.
      So far as I am concerned nothing has changed and won't until Master Bates has departed this world.

    • 2-1 Brum tonight hope I'm wrong

    • I dont think Warnock would recognise a good player if he hit him in the face, this man has turned out to be a joke of a manager and the sooner he goes the better. Cant say i blame GFH for not handing him the cash, he would only bring in over the hill rubbish which we have already.

    • Was a poor first half, good second, Warnocks comments after the match were daft, rumours of Brown telling the player not to applaud the fans? This club needs a big pick me up and Totts might just be that, don't ruin it by selling Luciano GFH!

    • When asked in the post match interview about possible signings in the transfer window Warnock said that he had given Harvey a list of his targets before January. To date no players bought half way into the window. If I was Warnock I certainly would be more than a little concerned.He came across as not vaguely agitated by the question posed. His attitude speaks volumes. Our illustrious owners as suggested by many don't seem to have two pennies to rub together after their takeover. Smacks of the Portsmouth scenario I certainly wouldn't be surprised now if these investment bankers sell off assets and move on. But hang on chaps these people have not purchased any tangible assets have they.The web of deceit widens and it seems that old spider B is still spinning us a yarn. Come on Mr Haigh do not be vague and give us some answers and clarity. We deserve it.

    • You got the score arse first but you can have your money back.
      Cafe near the fire station, I'll have to suss it out---mind you, It'll be okay for a quick response if the kitchen ignites.

    • a fiver lol! I was looking at that cafe near the college and fire station over your way Al as a business what do you think it's the one with a little supermarket next door near the Auction house?

    • Warnock says thanks for the coaching manual Lotto. Took him all the first half to understand it and the players to understand him. However all well that ends well.Lets hope he hasn't left it in the changing room at Brum. Looks like Warnock is blaming Luciano for being the cause of hoof and hope. The mans a prat of the first order. The cause of hoof and hope is Paddy following Warnocks instructions and the lack of skill in midfield to cope. Lets hope that we recover to cope with O'Driscoll and the Bristol Titties on Saturday.

    • There is absolutely no passion in this team to win a game, Warnock is well past it as he hasnt a clue how to motivate players anymore and should walk away now, his tactics are rubbish as everyone keeps saying hoofball we are a laughing stock in this league and every side knows they can beat Leeds. Big time for a change get real GFH if you really care about this club, we can still get relegated and end up back in the doldrums of league 1. I just live in hope that someone will wake up before it gets any worse. MOT always.

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