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  • Lottolee Lottolee Jan 20, 2013 11:05 Flag

    Leeds v Bristol City

    This say's it all mate, can you email me a copy of call?
    Wierd at the end when colin's banging on about 6 in a row and they read out a text from some guy saying I was there and those moaning weren't there. This is exactly where Leeds have been going wrong for years imo. Complete bury heads in sand time and effectively blame the fans for everything.

    What colin, Eddie and the club in general need to understand is this. For 10 years and more we've watched a once great club get royally fucked over. First by ridsdale and then to an extraordinary degree by bates. We've had a succession of shit managers and even those who weren't shit had no money, no backing. Every player who looks any good is sold for probably half what they're worth and the funds converted into building projects or debt repayment. On the pitch we've played hoofball with a team full of loanees and freebies. Just about anyone we've actually signed seems to immediately become shite and then they hang around like a bad smell for years screwing the club out of money.

    Don't keep telling us how hard Shaun's working because he should be working hard for the obscene amount of money we are paying the fucker. There are thousands of Leeds fans who work just as hard and earn a fraction of what that incompetent clown gets paid but they don't have some fucking idiot going on YR every 10 minutes telling the world how hard they're working.

    At the same time the fans have been treated like shit. Inside the ground we're subjected to stewarding that is neanderthal organised by a bloke who you would never tire of punching. Outside the ground you're not allowed an opinion, the club have increasing controlled their media to the point where dissent gets you banned, gets private eyes set on you and the club, who hate the media, will use that media to target it's own fans.

    What colin, Eddie, GFH et al need to realise is that things are very rotten in the world of Leeds United. The biggest club outside the PL is a shadow of it's former self. Anyone who had missed the last 10 years would not believe what Leeds United has become. The transformation has been startling but it's been done over such a long time that many people don't even notice it. This isn't glass half full or half empty colin, this is where the fuck is the glass and what piss are we going to put in it when we do find it? To the texter I would add that being at the match doesn't make your views any more correct than those who are still staying away.

    We are an arrogant club who has been asset stripped over a sustained period, run by people who have no feel for Leeds United, who treat their fans like fodder and have no problem slagging them off at every possible opportunity. There is virtually no invetment in what fans actually want, the playing side, and we play lumpen football with a team choc full of players who shouldn't even be at ER. Too fucking right we're pissed of colin, Eddie, Shaun, GFH and the rest of you. Short of pulling out the gimp mask you couldn't make it any more obvious that you expect the wholesale butt rape of Leeds fans to continue without comment or protest. You might want to ponder why if we're so great at home only 18K can be bothered to turn up, but that would mean you'd have to accept that what the thousands of stay aways are really saying is correct, wouldn't it?