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  • Tom Tom Jan 20, 2013 15:48 Flag

    Leeds v Bristol City

    The only transfer I would like to see in this window is Warnock out by the end of the month He criticises his players in public now he has the gall to have a go at the fans who pay his salary. The man is a fool who thinks he is "fireproof" and still considers that he has the overall support of the fans. I have news for him one of the latest on line polls suggest that 85% say he should go. If that is not an overwhelming majority then we are truly living in Warnock Wonderland. Time to admit it your weird selections, tactics and man management skills are sadly lacking. Your record as a manager over the last year is probably the worst set of results by far by a manager of our club. During that time we suffered our heaviest defeats at home ever by mediocre clubs. This after dismissing Simon’s squad as sub standard when we were just three points adrift of the play offs when you took over. You recruited your chosen 15 new players to address that problem and look where we are now, middle table with the worst GD of the top 15 in the league and playing the worst standard of football in living memory. If this is your best Mr Warnock then I think it is not good enough and you cant cover over the cracks by saying nice things about the supporters and the next slagging them off. MOT in the hope that common sense prevails and those in charge address our current position. It beggars belief that Nigel Adkins gets the sack after back to back promotions and pointing Southampton in the right direction for survival in the premiere league and we have to suffer like we are under your management.