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  • Andrew Andrew Jan 17, 2013 18:51 Flag

    Leeds v Bristol City

    Possible line-ups


    Peltier, Lees, Pearce, White;
    Byram, Diouf, Tonge, Barkley;
    Becchio, McCormack

    SUBS: Ashdown, Tate, Green, Austin, Hall, Somma, Poleon.


    Fontaine, Wilson, McManus, Foster;
    Skuse, Pearson, Kelly;
    Cunningham, Stead, Davies.

    SUBS: Taylor, Elliot, Anderson, Heaton, Reid, Bryan, Burns.


    What can you say when playing the rock bottom club is billed as a ‘big game’!
    The Robbins will be out to impress their new manager, Sean O’Driscol and, fighting to avoid the drop, will be hoping to get a result against Neil Warnock’s lacklustre Leeds.
    On the other hand, Neil Warnock is fighting to retain his credibility as the Leeds manager. His bizarre team selections, tactics, and player-knocking man management, have lost him the fans’ support. If these have also lost him the dressing room then O’Driscol’s lads are likely to have an easy game at Elland Road – let’s hope not!
    The Leeds team set out above is, probably, the strongest that Warnock could field – with each player in their preferred position – no doubt, Warnock will have his own ideas! But no matter how strong our defence, midfield and attack is, if Warnock’s lovechild, Kenny keeps booting the ball up the pitch for Bristol to counter the outcome will be the same as every other dire performance Leeds fans have had to endure this season.


    If we play to our strengths in a passing game then: Leeds 3-0 Bristol.
    If we play ‘Warnockball’ then: Leeds 1-2 Bristol

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    • I agree Andrew, if its a game of hoof and kick then Bristol will win probably 1-2 just hard to see your team selection as warnock likes tinkering with players in wrong positions. Enough is enough if we lose this one warnock will surely feel the brunt of the leeds fans.

    • If this 'Big Game' is played in the same manner as the last one I fear the worse.
      O'Driscoll knows how to counter Colin's tactics and having won with a poor forest team, and we all know hoofball tactics aren't working, so why doesn't Colin?
      It doesn't look good to me at the moment, as we seem to be in the same frame of mind as at this time last season when everything went tits up for Larry. Colin may well be losing the dressing room even though it is full of a lot of his 'old' players
      We have been lucky at home of late, but there will come a time when our luck runs out and I have a feeling it might be this week, when in fact, we should be thrashing this opposition 4-0.
      If we do lose then Colin may well be deep in the brown stuff and GFH (aka KB) may be making some changes.

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      • In football, if one side gets and keeps the ball the other side can’t play – it’s simple! Other sides (even Barnsley!) have done this and left us chasing shadows. It’s time Leeds did it to others. Leeds players are not lacking in skill or pace – Byram, McCormack, Diouf, Hall, White, Green, Poleon, and Barkley, for instance, all have one or both, and Peltier is no slouch either – but, following a spate of red cards, it seems as if they have been instructed not to put in a tackle. Consequently, our players stand a yard off opponents and allow them to run through us. Without a directive to close opponents down, win the ball and keep it, the alternative is the present hoof and hope style of playing – which, evidentially, is not working.
        Warnock has a reputation for playing ‘anti-football’ – using spoiling tactics to grind opponents down – but, in the past, his teams have been made from hard-tackling players like Brown, so setting up his Leeds teams to be neither fish nor fowl beggars the question ‘why’? The only answer I can think of is that Warnock has a separate agenda, one that only he, Bates, and possibly GHF, know.

    • Passing boots Lotto, goes without saying. :- )

    • Average against a really poor Bristol side, no attacking flair, slow midfield so when we did break as per norm they had men behind the ball within seconds, shocking crowd, stewards a disgrace spoke to Eddie on the radio and gave my views said I have more legs than Brown lol! Overall poor, Barkley,Byram and Lees the ones that shone a bit! Hoooooooooooof

    • Recorded the post match commentary Lotto (MARK) call it intuition but I wondered if it was you with your accent and you did post earlier that you had tickets in the stand. What did you think of Warnocks take on the match. The man's lost touch with reality!
      The stewards wouldn't try it on in the Kop upper tier with our "traveller" fans. Some rough buggers up there.

    • This say's it all mate, can you email me a copy of call?
      Wierd at the end when colin's banging on about 6 in a row and they read out a text from some guy saying I was there and those moaning weren't there. This is exactly where Leeds have been going wrong for years imo. Complete bury heads in sand time and effectively blame the fans for everything.

      What colin, Eddie and the club in general need to understand is this. For 10 years and more we've watched a once great club get royally fucked over. First by ridsdale and then to an extraordinary degree by bates. We've had a succession of shit managers and even those who weren't shit had no money, no backing. Every player who looks any good is sold for probably half what they're worth and the funds converted into building projects or debt repayment. On the pitch we've played hoofball with a team full of loanees and freebies. Just about anyone we've actually signed seems to immediately become shite and then they hang around like a bad smell for years screwing the club out of money.

      Don't keep telling us how hard Shaun's working because he should be working hard for the obscene amount of money we are paying the fucker. There are thousands of Leeds fans who work just as hard and earn a fraction of what that incompetent clown gets paid but they don't have some fucking idiot going on YR every 10 minutes telling the world how hard they're working.

      At the same time the fans have been treated like shit. Inside the ground we're subjected to stewarding that is neanderthal organised by a bloke who you would never tire of punching. Outside the ground you're not allowed an opinion, the club have increasing controlled their media to the point where dissent gets you banned, gets private eyes set on you and the club, who hate the media, will use that media to target it's own fans.

      What colin, Eddie, GFH et al need to realise is that things are very rotten in the world of Leeds United. The biggest club outside the PL is a shadow of it's former self. Anyone who had missed the last 10 years would not believe what Leeds United has become. The transformation has been startling but it's been done over such a long time that many people don't even notice it. This isn't glass half full or half empty colin, this is where the fuck is the glass and what piss are we going to put in it when we do find it? To the texter I would add that being at the match doesn't make your views any more correct than those who are still staying away.

      We are an arrogant club who has been asset stripped over a sustained period, run by people who have no feel for Leeds United, who treat their fans like fodder and have no problem slagging them off at every possible opportunity. There is virtually no invetment in what fans actually want, the playing side, and we play lumpen football with a team choc full of players who shouldn't even be at ER. Too fucking right we're pissed of colin, Eddie, Shaun, GFH and the rest of you. Short of pulling out the gimp mask you couldn't make it any more obvious that you expect the wholesale butt rape of Leeds fans to continue without comment or protest. You might want to ponder why if we're so great at home only 18K can be bothered to turn up, but that would mean you'd have to accept that what the thousands of stay aways are really saying is correct, wouldn't it?

    • Excellent post LottoB .Will try my best to extract. Recorded from channel 0209 Sky. I usually set the box to record from 5pm to 6pm so I can listen in later. Possible repeat could be at 6pm Monday evening same channel. Eddie will always be one of my icons but he is really aggravating me by interrupted the phone in and stifling opinions when they border on to criticising the hierarchy. Jill who was a female guest on the programme made some valid points which seemed to be brushed aside quickly. MOT as always

    • I have seen a clip of the warnock interview the look on her face is priceless when he slags the fans off.

    • The only transfer I would like to see in this window is Warnock out by the end of the month He criticises his players in public now he has the gall to have a go at the fans who pay his salary. The man is a fool who thinks he is "fireproof" and still considers that he has the overall support of the fans. I have news for him one of the latest on line polls suggest that 85% say he should go. If that is not an overwhelming majority then we are truly living in Warnock Wonderland. Time to admit it your weird selections, tactics and man management skills are sadly lacking. Your record as a manager over the last year is probably the worst set of results by far by a manager of our club. During that time we suffered our heaviest defeats at home ever by mediocre clubs. This after dismissing Simon’s squad as sub standard when we were just three points adrift of the play offs when you took over. You recruited your chosen 15 new players to address that problem and look where we are now, middle table with the worst GD of the top 15 in the league and playing the worst standard of football in living memory. If this is your best Mr Warnock then I think it is not good enough and you cant cover over the cracks by saying nice things about the supporters and the next slagging them off. MOT in the hope that common sense prevails and those in charge address our current position. It beggars belief that Nigel Adkins gets the sack after back to back promotions and pointing Southampton in the right direction for survival in the premiere league and we have to suffer like we are under your management.

    • Great post Tom, and funnily enough what I was thinking about last night.
      I can only assume Colin knows he is going into retirement at the end of the season and has lost interest. Any manager that slags off his players and fans doesn't deserve his position. He behaves similarly at Crystal Palace and they hated him.
      I may well twitter David Haigh with our thoughts although GFH are very quiet these days. What were the programme notes like yesterday anyone?
      Nigel Adkins should be put in charge by next weekend if they have any sense. He may not be the greatest manager in the world but his recent track record is unbeatable and he seems a true gentleman.