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  • BRYAN BRYAN Jan 21, 2013 13:43 Flag

    Nice Realistic Bit For The Weekend

    There is not a lot of optimism around in this house at the moment.
    I think that to get in the play offs our performances have to improve so dramatically that only the signings of the likes of Suarez, Messi, Van Persie and Ronaldo will do it.
    Let's face facts, at the moment we are salvaging points at home playing badly in all fixtures home and away. Some would argue that picking up points whilst playing badly is a good sign, but looking at the underlying tactics being employed we will be due another hammering any time now, and our goal difference will be so bad that even making 6th place as Tom says will not do us any good.
    Still the optimist I will see who we sign in the next couple of weeks and hope they will make a huge difference, but the names being speculated on don't fill me with optimism.
    Bryan - Driver for First buses.