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  • Alan H Alan H Jan 19, 2013 21:02 Flag

    Nice Realistic Bit For The Weekend

    Good 3 points guys, just had to send you this one though.

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    • More like Grim Hoof Football Andy.
      I hope Warnock watched the Bantams outplay Villa tonight.No particular stars in the team but played like a team, passed the ball mostly to feet and on the ground to players running into place. Simple when you know how to do, it so why cant we?
      Answer not required chaps we all know why. "Grim Hoof Football"

    • I can't see Warnock being replaced until it becomes mathematically impossible for Leeds to reach the play-offs...
      Has anyone else noticed that GHF can be pronounced as 'guff'? This 'fakeover' has Bates' fingerprints all over it!

    • Felix is not called "Qualix" for nothing! He is a hard Trainer and many many players do not like is training methods! He used to play for the "Rote Hosen", the football club, not the band! HSV, or Hamburg Sport Verein, in their glory days! Kevin Keegan and all that, and do you know that HSV are the "Dinos" of the German Bundesliga, they have been up there since the beginning back in the in the fifties! Success he has had both as a player and trainer/manager, but recently he has not been having a good time of it. Hence is decision to move to a different league, probably the Premiership, but who knows?

    • An interesting article Andy, and a good post.
      Personally, I think if Colin is going to pack it in at the end of the season, then he should be got rid of now. If GFH have the cash to back a new manager, and at the moment it is a big if, get him in for the last 2 weeks of the window and start to build his own team.
      We will not make the play offs if we continue with our current tactics and it could get worse.
      I am not saying Colin can't take us up but it is looking increasingly unlikely. If we don't bring someone in now, and there are a couple of good candidates about, then the seeds should be sown for the end of the season.
      As Southampton had obviously been hatching a plot since November, there is no reason we can't do the same.

    • This article on the Scratching Shed web site – check out http://fearandloathinginls11.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/fear-ridden-warnock-is-holding-leeds-back/ is a cynical analysis of Warnock’s failings. Whilst its comparisons of Warnock’s outdated ideas to Nazi ideology are OTT, its comments on his team selections and tactics ring true.
      Personally, I don’t believe that Warnock has become a bad manager overnight, nor that he is necessarily a football dinosaur, but I do suspect he is one of Bates’ mates, that he was recruited for PR reasons, and that his pension fund is more important to him than Leeds United.

    • Easy, it's good to hear from you! We could do with some foreign input - preferrably at management level! - but we have a wage cap on players... Do you think Magath will take a wage cut in exchange for vouchers to enjoy LUFC entertainment facilities?

    • Felix(/Qualix) Magath is free and looking to come to the UK, though I don`t suppose your new bosses will pay what he will ask!

    • Even with the illustrious quartet of Suarez, Messi, Van Persie and Ronaldo in our team Woeful Warnock would probably play them in our back four!! Gets worse Bryan doesnt it. I am afraid I am going to have to double up on the "chill pills" My doc suggests that I go watch Hartlepool for a month to put things into perspective, recuperatation guaranteed. Any idea what bus I catch Al ?

    • There is not a lot of optimism around in this house at the moment.
      I think that to get in the play offs our performances have to improve so dramatically that only the signings of the likes of Suarez, Messi, Van Persie and Ronaldo will do it.
      Let's face facts, at the moment we are salvaging points at home playing badly in all fixtures home and away. Some would argue that picking up points whilst playing badly is a good sign, but looking at the underlying tactics being employed we will be due another hammering any time now, and our goal difference will be so bad that even making 6th place as Tom says will not do us any good.
      Still the optimist I will see who we sign in the next couple of weeks and hope they will make a huge difference, but the names being speculated on don't fill me with optimism.
      Bryan - Driver for First buses.

    • Thanks for that Al puts things into perspective.

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