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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 24, 2013 14:25 Flag

    Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

    becchio has put in transfer request it says everything about leeds again not being able to hold on to good players

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    • Cant believe it Bechio wants to leave, thats the end end of us then, where are the goals coming from now? will be on a land slide playoffs out of reach as we concede more than we score, big joke this fakeover GFH = GO FOR HOOFBALL

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      • Filthy Rich lol! GFH with a bit of Northern accent GOT F**K H ALL!

      • I dont believe he wants to leave Kevin more a force out by refusing to adjust his contract. As has been reported Becchio is probably our hihgest paid performer and deserves to be.Where would we be without his goal tally todate. Stuggling to avoid the relegation zone. As for the crisis of lack of funds. I dont have any confidence in the new owners and their business acumen.Much as I love my club it was not worth £52 mill as all they were buying is the clubs name and playing staff.So you are mostly right Andy that this smacks of a stitch up by Bates and Puppets . I really despair for the clubs future.

    • Now we know what GFH stands for "Given False Hope" and the joke might turn out to be very very true........

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      • It has been fairly obvious ove the past few weeks that Becchio would be leaving so that has not come as a surprise.
        The problem is - what is the truth behind it?
        Has he, as Colin says, had his head turned. Or is it a ploy to sell on our best asset to fund any new players coming in?
        My guess is that it is the latter. GFH as new owners have been so quiet you could hear a pin drop. I firmly believe that this takeover was a KB inspired plan to stay in charge with puppets in his place. Why else would a straightforward takeover have taken so long, why else would we still be faced with everything hidden behind banks closed doors, why else is transparency non existant, why else can we still not bid for half decent players (Chris Wood as a prime example).
        We are still in the mire and it will never get better until we are shut of this lot once and for all.
        Oh how I wish there was still a Manny Cousins, Leslie Silver et al to come to our rescue.