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  • Andrew Andrew Jan 25, 2013 23:03 Flag

    Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

    Football is one of the UK's best exports; it is a golden goose, Allow people like Bates and mates to get away with dark dealings that alienate fans - the lifeblood of the goose - then the goose will die and all the golden eggs that Sky and other media are relying on to make a killing will eventually be worth nothing.
    If only for their self interest, the authorities that control football should take a serious look at what has been, and seems to be continuing, to be going on at Leeds. Whether there will ever be a serious investigation one can only guess. Becuse of the way football governance is set up (as private companies that are unanswerable to public scrutiny) there are too many pigs with their snouts in the trough to ever want to make football open, honest, transparent, and decent as it fans see it.
    Bates is destroying Leeds, as he woved he would, but he is also destroying football. Leeds is an exemplar of the game. It is a city with one club. The alternative to football in Leeds is rugby and that's where LUFC's supporters will go after Bates has destoyed the club. From that point it won't take too long for other UK cities to switch from football to rugby - a game that the vast US market can relate to - and pretty soon football (soccer) will return to being a game played for excercise amongst lads on the village green or in the local park.