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  • Tom Tom Jan 27, 2013 09:51 Flag

    Leeds v Totts

    I hate to wager against my own lotto but Spurs to win the game but Leeds to score the goal. Woe is me :-(
    Pin ball in the penalty box me thinks

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    • Fingers crossed lads was going to this but saved my pennies for the bread and butter the league, you never know but if Beccs is going he won't be risked today! M.O.T

    • Surprised us guys 2-1 to the mighty whites, just watched game on TV if we play like this rest of season we will be ok, Bechio wasnt missed today not as bad as we thought then. MOT Always.

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      • We played well today. We played as a team and beat high-flying Premiership club, Spurs by closing them down with a style of play we never see in League games. Was this because we didn’t have Becchio in the side (which, according to Warnock, is why the team uses long-ball tactics – nothing to do with Warnock’s tactics, of course!) or was it because Cup matches add more to LUFC’s coffers than League games!
        It will be interesting to see how well Leeds plays in its next League game against Cardiff. Somehow, I doubt that it will show the same tenacity as, heaven forefend, Leeds could be back on the road to promotion and its new owners, GFH Bates, will have to be transparent about the club’s ownership!

      • Ok so I have shot myself in both legs Tom.
        Unbelievable and apparently fully deserving of the win.
        As you say why can't we play like that all the time or at least most of it.
        We will have to get Dunster to treat us all to tickets for the next round which I fear will be our last, but you never know.
        Bryan - pessimist turned optimist (for now)

    • I am limping around having shot myself in the foot with my forecast lotto. Lesson learned. Nearly there though Dempsey added one for them. Why oh why can we not play like that in the league. Same team I hope AGAINST CARDIFF but can they produce a similar result? with a result like that today looks like the final nail is driven into Becchios departure. Warnock smiling quietly and rubbing his hands in anticipating of a quick exit
      MOT against the blue redbirds.