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  • Tom Tom Jan 29, 2013 17:42 Flag

    Leeds v Totts

    A bit of City history for you Dunster. You will be too young to remember when the Don graced the turf at Maine Road. The man was a football legend on the field for you and off the field for us. He devised the Revie plan often copied but without the success it gave City and the England squad after the trauma suffered by England against the great Hungarian team of the fifties.The Revie Plan was a tactical system in football used by Manchester City in the 1950s. The system was named after Don Revie, who had the most important role in it.
    In 1953, English football was devastated by the Hungarian team which beat England 6–3 at Wembley Stadium. The Revie plan was a variation on the tactics used by the Hungarians, involving Don Revie playing as a deep lying centre forward. Revie started attacks by coming into the centre of the field to receive the ball, drawing the opposing centre-half out of position.
    The system was first implemented by the Manchester City reserve team, who using the system went unbeaten for the last 26 games of the 1953–54 season. Before the start of the 1954–55 season, Manchester City manager Les McDowall called his team into pre-season training two weeks early to try the new tactic. Manchester City lost their first game using the system 5–0, but as the players became more used to the system it started to become more successful. Using the system Manchester City reached the 1955 FA Cup Final, but lost to Newcastle United 3-1. The following year City again reached the final where they played Birmingham City and won.{ref Wikipedia} I believe Revie never really got the credit he deserved from the press or supporters outside of ER for his contibutions to football. IMO his main fault was that he was very suprstitious and relied too much on fact finding info on the opposition. The great teams playing under him were kept too tight and rigid according to the dossiers he had on the oppositions. Had he let them off the hook to play their natuaral game in later years we would certainly have won a lot more finals, semi finals and league titles.. God how I wish he was in charge today along with Sid and Les. I fear those days of glory will never be seen again in my life time and count myself very fortunate as a young fella to have been able to be part of a generation growing up during that time. MOT in hope of better things to come.