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  • Lottolee Lottolee Jan 27, 2013 08:52 Flag

    Leeds v Totts

    Come on then scores on the doors chaps, correct score gets a free Martial Arts airfreshner :) 1-2 Spurs M.O.T

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    • Lotto it's 2-1 Leeds Becc to score the winner.

    • I hate to wager against my own lotto but Spurs to win the game but Leeds to score the goal. Woe is me :-(
      Pin ball in the penalty box me thinks

    • Dunster, there has always been respect between Leeds and Man C. It's a hard draw for us at your place... but it could have been worse - if we had to play Barnsley!

    • Went to that one Dunster, I always enjoyed my time over Moss Side remember having fans behind the goal and a section on the side near the other goal on a few visits, not been to the Etihad, one thing it will be one hell of an atmosphere M.O.T

    • I think we might even join in 'The Poznan'
      Could be a great day out as long as you don't put too many oast us!

    • Let's face it we should win but you never know. I never take anything for granted after where we've come from. Funny thing is I used to bloody hate Leeds until a chance meeting with a couple of coach loads in a pub in Northampton whilst on the way to Millwall. We both have idiots but far more who love the game and love their club. Anyway less of the love in I hope we bloody batter you. You can then concentrate on promotion.

    • Concentrate on promotion! Lets be serious here Dunster, do you really think the Whites are ready for promotion? Best of luck with Lewis Holtby, my next door neighbour is a Shalke Fan and I can tell you he is really P..ed Off!

    • Dunster, you’re not the first fan from another club that “bloody hate” Leeds. Our fans are loud, aggressive, get in the faces of opponents, and usually give back better than we receive. But, despite what our illustrious chairman says, we are not all morons. We revel in our “everyone hates us and we don’t care” reputation – one that Millwall fans aspire to! But it is just a front. For sure, Leeds fans are passionate about their team, yet most are just as passionate about watching good football – something we’ve been deprived of for a decade!
      The “Dirty Leeds” tag was acquired in the 1960-70s under Don Revie’s management. Revie brought to Leeds everything he had learnt at Man City; the greatest of which was the introduction of a “family ethos” - an ‘us against the world’ mentality. It remains as Revie’s legacy – at least amongst the club’s fans.
      Doubtless City will batter Leeds, if everything goes to form. But there is just a chance that a seed from MANC, planted by Revie, might destroy your recently turbo-charged side.
      Nevertheless, I still sort of wish that what happened to you would happen to us!

    • To be fair it was drummed into you to dislike Leeds. They were successful then and with success comes jealousy. You always got a bum deal with the media I thought.
      One of my low points supporting City was at Elland Road years ago. They wheeled Revie onto the pitch when he was well into his illness and far too may fellow city fans gave him stick. I found it quite sickening. As you stated he actually played for us and won silverware. After the game a fair few bricks were launched over the wall at us. Hardly surprising really as he is revered in Leeds.
      Anyway may the best team win.
      Oh and easy I would be surprised if you gained promotion. Far too inconsistent. Strange how they can turn it on one day then terrible the next. Stranger things have happened though. Like the rags surrendering an eight point lead last year. You never know.

    • Lets see what GFH bring. again was at that match with City Revie in front of the Kop remember there being 25k there to see the great man wished there were more, I was a young lad then brought up on the KOP, it's a shadow of it's former self :(

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