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  • Tom Tom Jan 28, 2013 18:00 Flag

    Cut the Spiel Neil and get on with it.

    We don't drink from half empty glasses in Leeds especially when you the landlord fill them full of "SLOPS" Time for a clean glass with a "fresh brew" in with a good head on it". Last orders are being called and time to go. Recent polls suggest the majority of fans don't want you or your excuses. Remember when you point a finger in accusation, three point back you. The fans are rapidly losing faith in you with your excuses and criticism aimed at the fans who pay your salary. The best way to strengthen the squad is for you to go and quickly but we all know that you will cling on like the proverbial limpet until the end of the season just to boost your pension now that automatic promotion is out of sight. Your words Neil.
    How does the board feel about Warnock?.
    Should he go, YES or NO if YES who would you like to take his place.

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    • Tom, these are strong words – I’ve never know you to write with such passion.
      It’s generally reckoned that when a manager criticises his players in public it indicates he has lost the dressing room; and (most cardinal of sins) when he criticises the fans he’s lost the club. Warnock has done both.
      Prior to Warnock’s appointment we all saw You Tube vids of how he abuses players in the dressing room (similar to the parody of football in the film, ‘Mike Bassett, England Manager’) and, some of us, thought ‘this couldn’t happen at Leeds’. However, when Neil Warnock was appointed, after he made some astute comments, many of us changed our opinion. Desperate for promotion, we forgave Warnock for knocking Leeds in the past and bought the belief that he, based on his record, was the man to take Leeds to the Promised Land. Were we deluded?
      Personally, I think Bates and Warnock, during their clandestine meetings, cooked up a mutually lucrative scheme that was more about PR than ambition for Leeds as a football club.
      On the evidence of how well Leeds has performed in (lucrative) cup games, in contrast to how poorly it has performed in League games, it’s easy to assume there is a hidden agenda – but, as with Bates’ history of dodgy dealings, it’s impossible to prove!
      As regards your “should he go” question about Warnock, I have to say ‘NO’ – it’s too late in the season to recruit another manager and change the players that Warnock has recruited, who could still deliver if enough pressure is placed on Warnock for him, out of common decency, to break his pack with Bates.

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      • In an earlier post I questioned whether Colin should be removed before he hopefully retires as promised at the end of this season. My reasoning was that if it could be done quickly with a good proven replacement then it should have been before any more loanees are brought in. However, now it is too late and I believe that as Andy points out he should now stay till the end of the season.
        If he is still here next season the I will go along with Andys conspirency theory that ther is something dodgy going on between KB, NW & GFH.
        If he can instruct the team to play the type of football they did against Spurs for the rest of the season then I believe we will have a realistic chance of making the play offs. If we continue with hoofball we will be in the bottom half.
        I believe Colin would have lost the dressing room if it were not mostly full of his faithful players, and he is almost as bad as Bates with his comments about the fans.
        LU supporters and fans are in my opinion amongst the best and most knowledgeable in the country, and although we can get it wrong as anyone can we are generally on the right side.
        My biggest concern at the moment is how sincere GFH really are. Are they true owners or Bates puppets? We will have a good idea come Thursday night.