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  • Got to agree regarding lack of faith in the club---read Howson, Snodgrass, Beckford, Johnson etc etc.

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    • Apparently, Becchio isn't 'doing a Kewell' and going to Turkey - what a surprise! According to the media, and some bookies, all bets are off and Beccs is going to join his mates (Snodgrass, Howson, and Johnson) at Norwich. In return, we get Steve Morison; who's a decent striker at Championship level. It seems like a fair swap... It also seems like a self-licking lolly situation.
      WTF is going on at Leeds, and between Leeds and Norwich!
      Neil Warnock asks that we judge him after the Jan transfer window closes... Neil, it closes in under 30 hours and, despite (luctrative for the club's ownwers) cup successes, you will be judged on Leeds' League performances. We need to pick up points and improve our goal difference. It would be great if you could surprise us - but will GFH Bates allow it? After eight years of Bates we already know the answer!