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  • Luciano Becchio, Leeds talismanic striker, wants to leave the club. This is a PR nightmare for Leeds’ management. So what does it do? Initially, it releases the same old tried and tested guff: “the player has had his head turned”, “the player/his agent is greedy”, the player is the reason Leeds loses games”… None of this works as the fans have more faith in Becchio than the club’s management. So the club digs deeper into its dirty tricks box and comes up with a blinder – “Becchio wants to go an un-named Turkish club”. Could that club be Galatasaray? Suddenly, Becchio’s name is mud – Job done!
    None of this answers the question: why does Becchio want to leave?

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    • Dare I say only 15% tax on income in a football mad nation The emphasis on "mad" .A great incentive to move Andy ask Drogba. I believe the lad is simply pissed off with whats going at the club as we all are. MOT without the Bahrain Begging Bowl being raided, rather topped up with Becchios departure..
      Bankers are bankers or something like that.

    • Confirmed that Beccs has been at Carrow Road tonight. We are still the same as far as bringing players in. Sell the good ones and bring in dross.
      Been to see Halifax tonight in a cup match against Dartford. Great game 1-1 which Halifax were unlucky not to win as they were playing 11 + the ref + one of the linesmen and were reduced to 10 men after 10 minutes having a player shown a straight red for what was no worse than a Yellow if that. £10 to go in to the main stand and a great performance. Having said that the only other game I saw of theirs this season was at Gainsborough and they were dire.
      at least I had a good rant at the ref which made me feel better.

    • Thanks for everything Becchio, sad to see ANOTHER one of our best players leave and go to Norwich.
      We have got a very good replacement though in Steve Morrison who i remember used to run us ragged when he was at Millwall. Must say though that this transfer has Bates grubby paws all over it with the usual "undisclosed fee" being part of the deal.
      As i post this there is roughly 10 hours left to the end of the window and if this is the only transfer then we will all know that nothing has changed down at ER apart from 2 muppets fronting up the club instead of old grey beard. Time will tell and the clock is ticking!

    • My word Bryan you are a glutten for punishment. Once went to Thrum Hall yonks ago took me hours to get home. Having said that I might try Guiseley Town until I can afford to take out a loan for another season ticket. The 33A bus stops outside the ground, hence no parking fees. Get to use my free "old gits"bus pass, cant be bad.

    • He is reputedly our highest paid player on circa £15k a week and has been offered more, but not enough to make him stay as he wants more for his family.
      I actually don't believe a word of this as how much more is he really worth? I would have thought the maximum he could get would be £25k maybe 30K with a premier league club, but would that make him want to leave a club he is supposedly in love with?
      No - he has obviously been made a derisory offer so that KB and his cohorts can make a few bob by selling off another prized asset.
      If anyone has turned his head it's the club itself. The rumours started about Christmas time with Mick Jones spreading the word how he hoped no one would come in for him.
      Fir Beccs to hand in a transfer request there has to be another reason, and my guess is he can see the dressing room going the same way as it did for Larry and so he wants away.
      I don't blame him as the shysters at ER are still looking after themselves. If he goes on the last day of the transfer window, they can't spend the money so heaven help us they will just have to poscket it.

    • I'm glad the club made it possible for me to meet him before the Bolton match, got a couple of photo's with him, top guy great English now take care Becc's :(

    • Better there than Scumchester Lotto. I have no problem with clubs raiding our players as we have been more than guilty in the past with other clubs. Both Sheffield clubs, Wednesday Newsome Weatherall, Sterland Shutt, United Tony Curry Mick Jones and Brian Deane. Small Dogs Cherry O'Grady Worthington plus. Pompey nearly half their squad recently. My thoughts on the matter of fugatives, if they dont want to play for us they aint any good to us. Swings and roundabouts . If Morrison comes our way in a swap or what, he seems more than adequate. The lad has pace ,good on or off the ball a good header and can muscle centre halves in box. MOT hunting birds.

    • I agree with that, thats life players come and go even though Norwich have raided us 4 times in over a year, perhaps they cant get players anywhere else. Morrison has come now so lets hope he can do the bussiness like he did at millwall if he scores 10 goals rest of season should see us in playoffs! All to play for starting with the redbirds 3 points would start the ball rolling. MOT