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    Leeds v Cardiff

    It will be interesting to see what team Leeds fields against Cardiff. With new players, Warnock and Habibou (Morison is injured), and Barkley and Tonge (cup tied last Sunday) available, Neil Warnock may fancy tinkering with the side that beat Spurs. Alternatively, he may stick to the “if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it” principle – but when has Neil ever done that!
    It’s a fair certainty that Neil will swap Kenny for Ashdown but, other than a change of goalie (unfair on Ashdown IMO); why would he play a different starting XI? ‘Thoughts, anyone!

    Byram, Peltier, Lees, White;
    Green, Brown, Austin;
    Diouf, McCormack, Varney.

    SUBS: Ashdown, Warnock, Tonge, Hall, Barkley, Somma, Habibou.

    Turner, Connolly, McNaughton, Taylor;
    Bellamy, Conway, Gunnarsson, Whittingham;
    Smith, Mason.

    SUBS: Helguson, Cowie, Lewis, Gestede, Kim, Noone, Hudson.

    Leeds 2-1 Cardiff (Actually, I just hope!)

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    • Swings and Roundabouts Al, swings and roundabouts!

    • I would go with Naylor etc the problem we have is this is Warnocks team, for me the defence is good enough with Pelts playing central with Lees Byram right back and Aidy or Warnock left back. Maybe push Aidy into midfield but give him that role to use his pace, Austin has not been his usual self since his fracture, Brown though his last 2 performances have been okay he just does not have the legs so maybe a young one coming through the ranks that Naylor has seen can push through, still lacking that right winger as well, and a pacey striker to keep the oppositions centre halves busy. THE SAME PROBLEMS BEFORE THE TRANSFER WINDOW!

    • Jesting aside my man, if luck swings your way Brucie and you lot could find yourselves in the big league next season.

    • Cuddas, Shuddas & Uddas I might add! Frazier Campbell was also an Hull target, but then when ever were poor U`ll an attractive target!

    • Cuddas, Shuddas & Uddas I might add! Frazier Campbell was also an Hull target, but then when ever were poor U`ll an attractive target!

    • How right you are Bryan and Andy. Heavy investment however is no guarantee for success. I cite clubs like Cardiff, Boro, Leicester, Forest and lately Hull. All have had substantial backing from their new owners. with the exception of Forest all are looking very strong candidates for promotion either automatic or through the play off. It has taken a couple of seasons before they have bonded into teams and as a result play regularly together with resultant success under good managers who get the best from their squads. Compare our current status against all the above clubs Forest being the exception. We can see in comparison what a mammoth task we have to compete at their level given who we have currently in management and the reluctance to invest from our new owners to remedy our current mediocrity on the pitch. IMO our only hope is that if the next three or four results don’t go for us that someone upstairs has the bottle to sack Warnock and Co and use the remainder of the season to blend some of our more promising youngsters in with the best of what we have in the first eleven and forget about position in the league. The play offs are out of the question as is relegation so we would really have nothing to lose and all to gain. Redders and Rich Naylor are doing a great job with our youth teams who are currently on a ten match winning roll so really the nucleus is there to be tapped before the big clubs come sniffing again. We live in hope Bryan, how I wish we could turn the clock back 50 years.

    • I didn't see any of the game, but am happy to take your analysis.
      Same old problem as I said in an earlier post - sell the best to pay for mediocre.
      Back to square one and now very unlikely we will get out of this division.
      This is going to mean yet another major overhaul in the close season with no guarantees that an influx of fresh blood will gel, because as sure as eggs are eggs this lot will not invest to the level that is obviously required.

    • I thought we played better in a League game than we have for a while and were unlucky not to get a result – it could easily have been 2-1 to us. However, we lacked quality in the final third, and our balls into the box and set pieces were not good enough.
      Cardiff took its chance and we didn’t take ours (plural); on the face of it, that was the difference between the two sides. Had Barkley not missed a sitter and we’d scored first the result could have been very different… but cuddas, shuddas, oughttas don’t win games.
      As all post-match comments on this thread point out, GFH Bates failed to invest in the team and we are suffering the consequences – I loved Lotto’s comment that threw Bates’ words back in his face: “if you want Premiership football you pay Premiership prices, well we have kept our end of the bargain!” Indeed, why should fans invest their hard earned money in Leeds when its owners don’t!
      The irony is that Cardiff signed Fraizer Campbell, a target for Leeds, for £750k (not £millions) and Campbell’s goal won the match… What’s that saying about “for a ha’peth of tar the ship was sunk”! Well, in terms of promotion this season, the Leeds ship is sinking and the only conclusion is that Bates is still at the helm.
      As for Warnock (Neil), there are three possible conclusions: 1 Bates lied to him about the investment in a team that could deliver his record-breaking eighth promotion as a manager – in which case, why hasn’t Warnock protested or walked? 2 he does not have the skills to manage Leeds; or, 3 Warnock and Bates are in it together.

    • (These boots are made for walking). Gather your brethren guys, stay away from the fuskcing place and watch Bates's beard curl up.
      H---sympathy bureau

    • How goes it? It is a poor workman that, continually, blames his tools! Says it al Lads!

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