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  • BRYAN BRYAN Feb 8, 2013 22:07 Flag

    Wolves v Leeds/M'boro v Leeds

    If we play as we did against Spurs we can beat anyone in this league. but how do you re-create that performance in every match for the remainder of the season.
    I don't know and I don't believe Colin does either!

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    • I think we will draw against a poor Wolves side 2-2, I am going to Boro why I don't know lol, but that game is massive MASSIVE a MUST win game, I am not convinced in Warnocksaurus style, watching Southampton play Citeh off the park at the mo, could of SHOULD of been us! M.O.T HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFF

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      • As usual you have proved to be right in your prediction Lotto,pity that! The HSV (Hamburg) beat BVB (Dortmund) 4 -1, Leeds drew with Wolves 2 - 2, so Hull just had to lose 0 - 1! How I would like a Weekend when ALL three Teams win, just to cheer me up a little! You mention Boro as being a MUST win game, WHY? Are not all games a must win these days for Leeds? Hull are squandering their chances of the Automatic Promotion Spot, whilst Leeds are looking to get into the Playoffs with growing Desperation, or? Cup games here and Cup games there, they are one Offs, just like the the one hit wonders of the Music Scene! They are NOT in my view a realistic guid to the exact state of the Team, could be wrong! I do not know what is more nerve racking, watching the Tigers missing out on chances of the second spot or seeing the Whites struggling to reach the Playoffs? In the past I have crossed Digits etc, but apart from going crosseyed it is not helping much! Maybe I should take up knitting? Probably drop too many stiches! B-g-er!

      • Lotto, you had 20-20 vision with that prediction – hindsight beats foresight every time!
        (Q) Who needs Specsavers when the future’s bright? (A) Neil Warnockasaurus.
        What worked in the past does not guarantee results in the future.
        Neil’s constant references to ‘fighting in the trenches’ (a military strategy abandoned after WWI) perhaps gives an insight into his tactical thinking – summed up as: dig in, lob grenades at the enemy, then mount a charge across no-man’s-land (midfield) in the forlorn hope that some brave soul might score a strike. Today, Neil’s football tactics are about as relevant as WWI military tactics in modern warfare.
        To be fair to Warnockasaurus, I think he has seen the meteorite of modern football about to impact on his world and is trying to make changes, but suspect the changes he can make now will be too little and too late for Leeds to get anything out of this season – though I’m still hoping for a minor miracle!
        Warnockasaurus was also recruited by Bates (probably for PR reasons) on a short contract. Consequently, team development and planning for the future were not likely to be of concern for either Neil or Ken.
        Apart from the accident that allowed Sam Byram to get a start in out first XI, it maybe explains why other young players with potential in our development squad have not been brought on.
        Here’s a role call of some young players that Warnockasaurus has not had the imagination to use : Dom Poleon, Ryan Hall, Chris Dawson, Zac Thompson, Monty Gimpel, Nathan Turner, Lewis Turner, Ross Killock, Lewis Walters, Charlie Taylor, Alex Cairns… With the right encouragement, some of these lads could run rings around older, established players in the Championship and probably the Premiership.