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  • Tom Tom Feb 12, 2013 22:46 Flag

    Wolves v Leeds/M'boro v Leeds

    I have just listened to Warnocks post match interview. The man has completely lost the plot and his arrogance astounds me. Once again he turns his attention on a player that is not part of his inner circle. He all but blames Ross MC for loosing the match and others for missing easy chances etc. He stated before the match that this was the strongest and best team he has assembled yet they failed again. In his opinion he felt prior to the match that the play off's was still within reach. A fact that has also escaped him is although we are "only 8 points adrift" from Boro his words.The reality and gravity of our position is Mr Warnock we now are only 8 points off the relegation places with two difficult games in the offing.
    Time to go and quickly. You have failed miserably.