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  • Andrew Andrew Feb 8, 2013 21:01 Flag

    Wolves v Leeds/M'boro v Leeds

    Any thoughts, anyone, on these games? I can't be bothered to select possible team line-ups, comment, or make predictions.

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    • Full comprehensive run through there then, Andy. You should beat Wolves, and you've caught the Boro at a very iffy stage in their form.
      H---stand in match analyzer.

    • Was lack of width in midfield the (Main) reason for the setback, Lotto.

    • You know my thoughts on what is left to play for Andy. For me it is now not so much the result but how we play that matters. Next season for me is going to be more than pivotal IMO it will shape the stature and status of this great club for a very long time. If we do not get it right before next season over the next sixteen games then we are truly in the mire.We dont want to be referred as the perenial sleeping giant forever.

    • The positives Kevin would be listening to Woeful Warnock try and explain away a massive drubbing and more to the point who takes the blame for it. Excuse after excuse is all we get I would bet my pension it wont be Brown fault or any of his chums if it happens. This bloke is here at least until a home crowd let rip with cries of Warnock is a wallie (polite versiopn), out, out, out but then he is that thick skinned he will think the chants will be aimed at our new left back. May be that is why he brought him in.
      Even Eddy and Tom K are having a go on Radio Leeds in the after match phone in. Cant get worse can it?

    • If the fans get on the Boro players back early doors could be a 3-0 Leeds win but I'm going for 2-1 Leeds M.O.T

    • Sorry lads wasn't meant as a wind up. I can understand your frustration. You're going nowhere fast at the moment. In fact since I've been visiting you lot on here nothing positive has really happened. Until Bates is off the scene completely I think everyone is resigned to the fact this will continue.

    • I have just listened to Warnocks post match interview. The man has completely lost the plot and his arrogance astounds me. Once again he turns his attention on a player that is not part of his inner circle. He all but blames Ross MC for loosing the match and others for missing easy chances etc. He stated before the match that this was the strongest and best team he has assembled yet they failed again. In his opinion he felt prior to the match that the play off's was still within reach. A fact that has also escaped him is although we are "only 8 points adrift" from Boro his words.The reality and gravity of our position is Mr Warnock we now are only 8 points off the relegation places with two difficult games in the offing.
      Time to go and quickly. You have failed miserably.

    • And with the owners turning down investments just proves they have no ambition to move the club forward, at this rate if they go on a losing run Leeds can end season in relegation battle a battle we wouldnt win really starting to show signs of a league one team all over the park. Warnock has got some cheek to say we are doing well so far what planet is he on, Mr.Warnock do us a favour and walk, Simon Grayson was a better manager than you. Bring back Grayson! oh no Bates wont allow it.

    • Warnock sarcastically applauded the fans chanting time to go, and make a sub, I havnt had time to upload footage but might have him clapping, did get the goal Kenny more flat footed than a flat footed penguin!!!!!!!!

    • Rumours he will resign after City match can't see it myself surely he will want to prove himself but we are seriously lacking pace and if GFH don't get him anyone then it's game over.

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