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  • Tom Tom Feb 11, 2013 03:57 Flag

    What are we bid for this Famous Club!

    Leeds owners GFH Capital have confirmed they have turned down a bid by an undisclosed party to buy a controlling stake in the club. Could be why they have spent little or nothing in the transfer window. We all know that GFH are investment bankers and...Bankers being bankers if the price is right and a good quick profit is to be had then Portsmouth MK2 could be in the offing. Ominous that Haigh has kept a low profile since they took over.
    Your thoughts chaps

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    • Simple: football’s governance should be taken out of the hands of the self-serving private companies that run the game. This will prevent dodgy owners like Bates/GFH Capital, and others at too many English sides, running clubs for their and not the fans’ interests.
      There was an excellent article by Glenn Moore in last Friday’s Independent. I’m including a link to the article, but here are its first paragraphs:
      “Eighty-odd years ago Babe Ruth was taken to Tottenham Hotspur v Everton. After looking around White Hart Lane’s packed stands, he was taken into the away dressing room and introduced to Dixie Dean, the baseball legend’s nearest football counterpart at the time. “So you’re that Dixie Dean guy?” said Ruth. “Well, you should make some money today. What’s your cut of the gate?”
      “I’m paid as much as everyone else: £8.”
      The slugger was shocked. “I’d demand two-thirds of that gate if I was out there,” he said.
      The gate money was not going to Dean, but it was not being spent on facilities either, or grassroots development. In the week the Premier League owners voted to cap wage levels in an attempt to trouser for themselves the cash currently draining away, via players’ pay packets, to agents, luxury car dealers and watch manufacturers, it is worth remembering that most have always been motivated by self-interest not altruism….”


    • I think I have said in a previous post that GFH have been unusually quiet since they took over from KB.
      To some extent I am not surprised they didn't spend too much in the January window as I don't think they would have got value for money, and a lot of players they may have wanted will have been offered at inflated prices as players and clubs will have been thinking the pot of Arab gold may have been full to the brim. Also Colins' contract is up in May and the team he has built so far is no better than in previous years, so if they have one eye on him going then why invest in a no hoper!
      Having said all that they have lost out on attainable targets, which proves their statement that they are still looking for investors.
      I would love to know if there have been any programme notes that may have been interesting since they took over as there may have been hints as to their intentions.
      Whatever the reasons this season is over yet again at an early stage, and next will be another re-building year and onle Master Bates will be happy as he continues to weave his devious plot.