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  • Tom Tom Feb 15, 2013 23:40 Flag

    Man City--You Guys

    I might just endure the humiliation Bryan if it means we can get shut of Warnock as a result. However we are all too familiar with the unpredicability of the cup, Cities dip in form and our own erractic performances this year. WE live in hope and "always look on the "bright side" watch out Dunster you have more to loose than us.

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    • Too true Bryan. It's eleven versus eleven and things aren't too rosy in our camp so let's see what happens. I won't patronise you I just want us to win by whatever amount. Leeds are still Leeds and I used to love these games. Your team aren't up to much at the moment but will always be up there in my eyes as a club. Enjoy the game....but not too much.

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      • Don't get me wrong guy's, of course I want us to win, and as you say anything can happen in a one off match which is why I love the cup matches, but in reality this team is poor and need a huge slice of luck to win anything.
        Colin has lost the fans and at the end of the day that will cost him his job.
        There are a couple of good 'uns available out there at the moment so I would prefer to get one of them in there now and look forward to next season, hopefully without KB as well.