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  • The Dunster The Dunster Feb 16, 2013 00:15 Flag

    Man City--You Guys

    Too true Bryan. It's eleven versus eleven and things aren't too rosy in our camp so let's see what happens. I won't patronise you I just want us to win by whatever amount. Leeds are still Leeds and I used to love these games. Your team aren't up to much at the moment but will always be up there in my eyes as a club. Enjoy the game....but not too much.

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    • Don't get me wrong guy's, of course I want us to win, and as you say anything can happen in a one off match which is why I love the cup matches, but in reality this team is poor and need a huge slice of luck to win anything.
      Colin has lost the fans and at the end of the day that will cost him his job.
      There are a couple of good 'uns available out there at the moment so I would prefer to get one of them in there now and look forward to next season, hopefully without KB as well.