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  • BRYAN BRYAN Feb 17, 2013 22:19 Flag

    Man City--You Guys

    When you take a new manager on there is no guarantee that he will be a success no matter what his pedigree.
    At the moment only Owen Coyle who did a good job at one club did not do well in the premier league, and Nigel Adkins did a great job at the Saints but was sacked for some unknown reason.
    Both probably have a point to prove, and as much as I would like Mourinho to be our next manager we will get what our lowly position deserves.
    Of the 2 available I would slightly favour Adkins only because I don't know why he was sacked when he appeared to be doing a good job. Coyle ha proved he can manage at this level, but maybe not at a higher one.
    It's all a matter of luck really. Who would have thought the Don would have done what he did when he was made player manager.
    It all has to do with the relationship with the Chairman. There has to be faith on both sides, and until KB has gone this will never be the case with our club. MOT