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  • BRYAN BRYAN Feb 16, 2013 15:35 Flag

    Crock of gold remains a mirage for LU!

    A very interesting article in the Guardian which just about confirms all our suspicions.
    GFH are potless and rightly blaming KB for bleeding the club dry and investing what future revenues we had in persuing his dream of building another Chelsea complex, as well as syphoning off whatever he could into his own coffers.. If the moron had failed at Chelsea he must have realised he was going to fail in Leeds as well.
    It would appear there is no mega money coming from the middle east and if they haven't yet been able to persuade the wealthy individuals out there to invest I can only see another takeover occuring soon and we will still be in no mans land for years to come.
    Whether we like it or not this game is now almost entirely based on how many mega millions your owners have.
    I also think the righting could be on the wall for MU in the future, as when Fergie goes and if they can not keep up their prominence in the Champions league the Glazers will not invest what will be needed. The same could be said at Arsenal, and that will leave Chelsea and Man City fighting for the title unless more mega money comes in.
    It's looking like a sorry state for our club and football in general and I am happy that I have watched the game through the golden years - not just at my club, but football in general.

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