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  • BRYAN BRYAN Feb 28, 2013 20:49 Flag

    Left to play…

    There is no chance of making the play offs in my opinion, it is now a lost cause.
    Whether this is due to Bates or Colin or GFH I don't know although the latter is unlikely.
    I am now waiting to see who is appointed manager for next year, and how much is invested in the team during the summer. We will then know whether GFH are serious or if they truly are a cover for Bates. IMO opinion at the moment that is what I believe to be the case, but I am prepared to give them a chance over the summer, although I don't see it being different to the last 8 seasons under Bates.
    They really do need a large investor with plenty of spare cash to get us out of this mire, otherwise we will be here or Division 1 for an eternity.
    All the talk from Colin is a joke. He keeps saying after each away game demise that we were unlucky or lays the blame elsewhere. The simple fact is we can't score goals and without that we can't win matches no matter how much the defence has tightened up. I still can't quite grasp why we switched Becchio for Morrison, as good as Morrison may turn out to be. We had a proven scorer in this division who fitted into the team, and although his head had been turned, why couldn't we turn it the other way?
    Enough of the rant, let's just hope we put a rugby score past Millwall

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