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  • Lottolee Lottolee Mar 13, 2013 18:43 Flag

    RIP Leeds United never forgotten

    The club has lost it's soul, passion, voice, everything which you would associate with the club!

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    • That's the effect of eight years (and counting!) of Bates' reign at the club. His lack of investment (probably due to a fear of the consequences of Leeds returning to the PL exposing his dark dealings), his rip-off prices, litigation, control of the media, divisive comments, abusive posturing, and...the list goes on...have sucked the "soul, passion, voice, and everything" out of Leeds United.
      As Dunster says [see post below], fans will stick with their club no matter what. Bates knows this and has used it to exploit our fans' loyalty. However, Bates' tenure at Leeds is temporary; it is no more than a "bad time" in the club's history. It would be good to see Bates get his comeuppance but, as he's been getting away with graft all his life, this is unlikely.
      Nevertheless, Leeds and its fans are greater than Bates. We will overcome! And be Marching On Together long after Bates goes to meet his evil maker.

    • You'll be back Lotto. Just a bad time to be a Leeds fan at the moment. Around our way it's always been once a blue always a blue even when we were #$%$. Leeds fans are the same. They'll stick with it no matter what. Once a certain someone is no longer associated with the club in any way shape or form I'm sure some decent backers will eventually come along. At the moment I think he probably puts people off investing.