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    Another Champinship Season!

    I agree to some extent with Lottolee, I am tired of getting the #$%$ taken out of me at my local. I live in Shropshire, and have to drink with Man U, Arsenal, and Liverpool supporters! Having supported Leeds for over 50 years, this is by far the worse time I can remember, and that's including our stint in L1. Warnock has not performed, all he does is moan about the job not been easy, he must be the laughing stock of all Managers, We have seen some of our best players depart, and taken on sub-standard players. We have been taken over by a middle east finance house with no money! And we still have in tow that #$%$ Bates! I will always support LU, but for gods sake, we can't even beat Peterborough at home! Bring on Huddersfield, but I am not hopeful.

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    • Respect, John!
      Neil Warnock joined Leeds with the fanfare that he'd be the manager to get United peomoted: a manager with the status to stand up to Bates, be on the side of the fans, and be trusted to "tell it like it is"... What utter rot! Warnock is another one of 'Bates' Mates' and he has done nothing for Leeds United - other than to keep Leeds away from the PL and subsequent investigations into the club's ownership.
      As a manager of Leeds United, Warnock has the distinction of being nothing more than a PR puff for Bates' regime. For sure, Warnock and his teams have done loads of huffing and puffing to keep fans interested, but never quite enough to really trouble opponents, or affect Bates' house of straw.